Are you planning for a party on the eve of Christmas or New Year 2023? Well, a new year is right around the corner, so it’s an excellent time for you to throw a party not only for you but also for your loved ones and acquaintances. With several platforms like Evite around the corner, hosting an event, both physical and virtual, became very easy. As per recent findings, around 78% of people worldwide search for the event online.

At the time of writing, it is evident that there are over 7 billion people across the world that use the Internet on an everyday basis. Furthermore, this makes ticketing websites and other platforms that help in sending invites or even a potential marketing tool to get in more people on board and make the event grand.

By the looks of it, you, as an organizer and guest, will appreciate this convenient and the most effective way of getting people. These events are expensive to host, and a great platform like GoAllEvents makes it more accessible. For instance, you’ll get to know your entire budget, objectives, and several other factors influencing the events that will set the right pace for the new year.

Technology is to make people’s lives more accessible, and that’s what Evite and its chief competitor, GoAllEvents are about. These platforms provide you with the most appropriate tools as the media are entirely centralized, as you can host, manage, and promote several events simultaneously, irrespective of the geographical location.

Why is Evite getting popular as a ticketing and events platform?

Can you keep tabs on the responses to 1,000 emails manually? It’s almost impossible to filter out emails of this number. With a great platform in place, you can save money as well as time as the task is administrative. The platform serves as the primary place of information for the attendees. The information includes no. of guests, the agenda of the event, and if the event has celebrities, among other things. Before attendees visit the event or even party, knowing everything about the venue and the crowd could make your experience great! Technology solves all the problems in the world, even when it comes to hosting an event.

Evite is a platform that helps organizers to create, manage, and send invitations to their attendees, friends, acquaintances, and relatives. The platform has been around for the last two decades and is top-rated globally. You can also host donations and send great-looking invitations, all on a single console.

Nevertheless, Evite isn’t the only platform that can provide you with the best event and ticketing service. Several platforms, such as GoAllEvents, and Eventbrite, among others, offer excellent service. You’ll find some of the best alternative platforms to Evite below. Let’s dig in!

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GoAllEvents allows you to set up the brand page and goes to tracking ticket sales. As a very successful ticketing platform, the marketing process that involves procuring attendees for your event is quite extraordinary. You get to set up an extraordinarily personalized and decent-looking email template that dramatically affects your attendees. GoAllEvents offers customized assistance and support for all events, including a Big Christmas or New Year Party. What more you can do with GoAllEvents is that the payments your attendees would make will go into your account directly through payment gateways, making the process relatively easy.


If you’re looking for a comprehensive platform for event planning with tons of customization tools and a great alternative to Evite, you should give Eventbrite a thought. In addition to this, you can read this great comparison here, i.e., between Eventbrite and Evite. With the new year right around the corner, you can improve your pre-planned event by just thinking ahead and executing a plan for the event. In addition, you can also have a contingency plan if things go sideways with events. The platform also allows you to send emails directly to potential attendees when they’d register to get into the event. There is also a province; you can add registration for the event directly from your website and track details in real-time.


There is a subtle difference between Enclude and Evite; the former allows you to send personalized e-cards to invitees. Enclude, unlike GoAllEvents and Eventbrite, is an event invitation creation platform that is simple and easy to use. You can also add photos of your events giving the invite a personal touch. You can ask for feedback making it people-centric, which the modern-day working professionals and young party-goers love the most. Setting up Enclude is easy, so scaling from the platform will be intuitive. Further, this makes HTML presentation fast with simple navigation. Enclude features 120+ slides which are premium in terms of appearance and aesthetics.


It is a little unconventional to mention CircleUp in the list as it’s not ‘exactly’ a platform to provide tracking and invitations. Nevertheless, being powered by Helio, CircleUp allows people to any event and track them. If you’re an organization that brings in significant events and parties in town, CircleUp can help you facilitate growth. When your brand image as an event and party organizer grows, it will enhance your portfolio, further shaping your brand value.


Have you ever heard of the virtual lounge? Seems impossible, right? But Airmeet makes things great as it allows people to experience a state-of-the-art virtual world that’s immersive. The speakers in your living room will seem lifelike, which makes connecting with people globally a pleasant experience. If you’re trying to do something very different this year to celebrate the New Year, you can opt for the premium virtual experience, as the technology is lightyears ahead! The platform is designed so the participants can raise their hands, attend polls, and be a part of a Q&A session from their homes. Scaling your event doesn’t get easier than this, as you get to interact with 100000 participants at the same time.

GoTo Webinar:

Given that what the platform does and what it’s for is self-explanatory, we’ll still try to give you a proper insight into GoTo Webinar as you’re looking for Evite’s alternative. By the looks of it, GoTo Webinar is the widely used webcasting and webinar software, and their client base of over 53,000 suggests the retaining power of the platform. Moreover, GoToWebinar is seamless to use and picks up the pace, even if you’re exploring it for the first time seamlessly. If you’re into hosting webinars now and then, then GoTo Webinar is the best thing you can get your hands on today!

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As an online service, Greenvelope empowers hosts to seamlessly create great event invitations and use a revolutionary marketing campaign to deliver the email campaign for events. Greenvelop provides an optimum guest list, RSVP tracking, donation collection, and ticketing, among others. As Greenvelope is derived from ‘Green’ that solely focuses on sustainability, design, & customer-centric service, you can combine conventional appearance and contemporary delivery to make your event memorable.


What’s the most critical thing before hosting a party or organizing events? Keep your attendees, friends, and acquaintances connected, informed, and organized. The major problem while choosing an event invitation platform is many platforms send follow-up emails that attendees do not like. Like many others on this list, Guestboard allows you to create a custom invitation to ease your event preparation journey. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to host a wedding or camping trip; you can use Guestboard to plan the itinerary, carpools, and who will attend the event. You can also avail of custom widgets and visual timelines to make your event stand out.

Greetings Island:

Greetings Islands serves as a perfect fit for any invitations that you want to send out to your peers, friends and family. The platform not only takes care of wedding invitations but it is also fit for retirement party, baby showers. Moreover, the platform allows you to design the invitation all by yourself to give a personalized feel an edge. As far as the upcoming Christmas Celebration is concerned, you can use the platform to test its performance in such a short time.


Just like Evite, PurpleTrail is one of the best offerings on the list. It does precisely what Evite does and what’s more, they are both paid. Invitations of all types are available here, making creating custom cards for specific events easier. PurpleTrail is also available on Apple App Store, which makes accessibility easier. Additionally, you can chat with all of your guests in real time. This feature allows you to take their suggestions in a change of venue & during the time of the event. To get started with PurpleTrail, all you need to do is sign-up, then creating and sending invitations will be a very straightforward process.

Final Words

These are some of the best Evite alternative platforms that we’ve come across. These online invitation platforms significantly reduce and diminish the workload that leads to an event. More and more organizations and businesses are coming on board to search for more innovative alternatives to event planning. The tools mentioned here will help you streamline half of the administrative work with event management.

Almost everything is digital today, so going digital is the least you can do. What’s more, is that the benefits are found in abundance. Online invitations today are flexible and automated without doesn’t rely much on human intervention. So, take your pick!