In the recent years, worldwide one particular practice has been very much prevalent i.e. leisure trips and vacation. Yes, nowadays people are developing so much craze to travel worldwide and see what is on the other side of the world they exist. So this wave has created opportunities in several geographies worldwide. Different businesses including ticketing, visa processing and most importantly hotels have grown with this wave very well. Especially, since the dawn of the oil revolution, Middle Eastern countries attracted several people across the globe. As the volume increases, there is a need to automate processes to simplify work. Hence came the dawn of Hotel Management Software. This software has cut the workload of several individuals and made everything simple. Now in hotels worldwide, everything happens in just a few clicks. Apart from this certain trends related to hotel management in the Middle East is changing the way everything works. Here are some of the leading hotel management software and some trends that you should know.

Oracle Hospitality

Oracle is undoubtedly the market leader in terms of software. Its CRM tools are offering seamless and swift operation for…

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Seamlessly organize key operations and activities of a hotel. A group of hotels or even a standalone hotel or even a service apartment, you can use this software for everything. It is easy to use interface has garnered more customers across the globe especially in the Middle East. You can manage your online reputation, streamline housekeeping and get more direct bookings with this software. Do you need more reasons? Then there is one, you get a 15-day free trial offer.


Software Description: Hotelogix is designed to provide solutions to small and mid-market hotels and hotel chains, motels, resorts, boutique hotels,…

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Oracle is undoubtedly the market leader in terms of software. Its CRM software tools are offering seamless and swift operation for different organizational activities. Micros Fidelio from Oracle is among the most preferred hotel management software across the globe and especially in the Middle East. It is a range of software, hardware and a group of could solutions to ease the work at day to day hotel operations. Companies small and big in over 180 countries are utilizing this Oracle product. Hence it has all the reasons to make it big.


Do micromanagement across all the properties you own worldwide, get to know details on every single thing happening in your…

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Do micromanagement across all the properties you own worldwide, get to know details on every single thing happening in your hotel. Be it a bad room service or a delayed response, you can track everything with this hotel management system. Some of the leading hotels and resorts across the globe are widely utilizing it. Hence you have the best reasons to choose this tool.


Software Description: eZee Technosys Pvt. Ltd is a frontier in providing total hotel and hospitality solutions for all hotel and…

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Starting from $39.90 per month

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As the name suggests, it literally makes your hospitality business easy. You heard of the search engine, but did you hear something called hotel booking engine? And did you know something about digital restaurant menu? Then you are way too behind in the digitized world and your hotel needs this software. Already several hotels in the Middle East have implemented this and are offering seamless customer service.

PMS Cloud is a popular hotel booking site. Several transactions happen through this site across the globe. But the secret behind this success is PMS Cloud. The good part is, you need not install or configure and no additional maintenance is required. Everything is the instant start and you will enjoy doing it. You can offer 24/7 customer support and manage all activities in style. Moreover, you get a free trial to test if it suits your business.

Mycloud Hospitality

This is an exclusive platform for all hospitality businesses. This helps you manage complex operations in the simplest way possible with 24/7 support. You can connect third-party hardware and software as it has the capability to integrate with 175+ platforms. So you can easily optimize your revenue, get direct bookings, avoid cloud disasters and do some reputation management for your business.

Innkey PMS

Yet another easy to use tool is what you’d presume looking at the name. But actually, this is way beyond other systems. Some of the activities you can do with Innkey include reservation, Point of sale, laundry management, material management, housekeeping, HR & payroll, food costing, financial accounting. Yeah, you do everything from A to Z as far as hotel management is concerned. Just been three years in business, already 19 million transactions were done with 400+ clients worldwide specifically from the Middle East which is allowing to the seamless solution that simplifies the overall process. So you have the best of all reasons why you need this.


One of the most celebrated hotel management software. It has features and offers benefits that are essential to streamlining your hotel management activities. With DJUBO, you can make an informed decision, analyze guest reviews and use comprehensive analytics for better business. Most importantly, you’re managing sales from a single cloud solution.

Hotelline PMS

This covers all aspects of the hospitality business. When we say all, it is all. Multi-currency, payment processing, property management, tax management, online payment, multi-property support, group bookings and a lot more are the support offered by this tool.

Frontdesk Anywhere

User-friendly interface and amalgamation of all processes. So be it managing your property, revenue and even online distribution. Here you get to do everything. Thus, a holistic all-in-one cloud solutions for all your problems.

How to choose hotel management software with the latest trends?

Well, now we have seen which are the best and widely used in the industry. Still, a question persists among all i.e. how to choose software with all the latest trends? Every business owner or procurer will have this question. But yes, if you’re smart enough and have an agile approach, you will not be asking for these questions as these are far more basic one could think of. But when it comes to marketers at the beginning level, yes understanding the basics might be difficult. For ones who didn’t here are some basics which will help you understand the latest trends and choose the right software for your business. The parameters are more like choosing the right home appliance, but with a difference. Procurement skills play the sport here.

Is it fulfilling all your Requirements?

The most important factor you should look at. You may buy software randomly and say you’re also using one, but it may not essentially solve your problems. For example, your need must be different from what you see in a software. Most often, people get carried away by the lucrative features. But it is totally not essential for the business. So this is where people lose out and the procurement spend goes waste. Hence before choosing one, you have to see if it fits all your requirements.

How does it help resolve all your problems?

Every business claims, it is a solution to all your problems. Well, you cannot blame them. They do offer a solution to your problems. But rather your questioning should be more specific i.e. how does it resolve my problem? Only the genuine ones will have an answer for this question. So if you get an answer for this without hiccups, then you’ve found the right software.

How many modules and features it includes?

Yet another place where the promises and deliverables do not go hand in hand. For example, the promised modules you should get as per the deal will be room service management, centralized and secured data support etc. But you won’t have it in place. So you have to fight with them and get all the essential modules and features. To avoid this mishap, check before procuring and ensure all you require is at a place.

Does it offer data security?

Data security is another important factor. Software might have all fancy features to make you feel better, but you are losing out at securing data which is going to speak upon your reputation. See what are the data security measures they’ve taken to ensure data doesn’t get leaked out. See if there are firewall protection and measures to avoid phishing attacks and a lot more. If you get to do this first, you’ve procured the best software for your business.

Does it offer third-party integration? If so how?

Third party integrations are equally important. In large organizations, everything happens with a CRM Software, ERP Software tools and a lot more. So you have to integrate your hotel management software with these to ensure all data are saved well without much effort. To see what all platforms it can be integrated with and how does data transfer from one system to the other happens. This is very important as the question of data protection might arise.

Is it user-friendly and can be used by all?

Well, if you fail to see this, the sole purpose of having software is lost. No one in your organization is going to use it and the purpose is completely lost. So see what are the features and modules, how they can be operated and will a lower level employee in your hotel handle it easily? If the answer is yes to all these questions, then you probably won in procuring the right software.

How effective is the after sales support?

Once the product is delivered, several service providers might not offer support for fixing basic issues. But this situation is not prevalent among all service providers. A majority of them nowadays are offering after sales support. But how long that continues is the question you should ask them. Some might say free after sales support for 1 year, some might say free after sales support for 6 months. Some even come up with innovative offers to grab your attention. Also, you have to see if they’re offering 24/7 support and in case you need a physical demo, are they offering it? These are some questions you should ask before procuring hotel management software or any software for that matter. Added to this, you should also see how long they take to respond to your queries and how often they make a follow-up. If they do both of in time, then you’ve chosen the right platform to manage your activities.