The system is available around-the-clock online. The option to book anything whenever you want is now available to potential visitors. Additionally, it boosts your sales because you aren’t limited by working hours. According to studies, having a 24-hour online reservation system increases the number of bookings. These systems typically include several analytics tools. They can track each reservation and all associated information. As a result, you will have all the data necessary to comprehend your visitor’s needs and preferences and the upgrades you sell the most of. You will be able to identify the areas where you need to concentrate on expanding your organization using this. Many companies realize the advantages of developing their online booking system. Any company with this software can be scheduled, booked, or rented can profit from using an online booking system, whether you run a huge chain of eateries or a small mobile hair salon. Below you can see about the best free booking system in the UK:


Picktime is a fantastic web-based booking tool, like the majority of free software available today. Picktime is also simple to set up, customizable to your needs, and seamlessly integrated. It has many useful features that make scheduling appointments, classes, rooms, equipment, etc. Any business can use this scheduling platform. It is a one-stop solution for anyone who needs scheduling to improve their productivity and maintain hassle-free bookings, whether they own a salon that takes appointments, a teacher who gives lessons, or a co-working space that needs to manage spaces.


  • Picktime has a lot to offer in its most complete version.
  • You get drag-and-drop rescheduling, three payment processors, it has a wide range of calendar syncing options, and email and SMS notifications and reminders.
  • Additionally, you receive 20 different booking page languages, superb video chat integration, stock management, and ways to create databases with all the client information you collect.


Appointlet is a great free plan that includes all of its basic features. It is made with more sophisticated customization and team management tools. Zoom seamlessly integrates, making the management of online meetings much simpler. Your customers can give all the relevant information before an appointment, thanks to the customizable intake forms you receive. There are new appointments added to your email calendar. Your booking page or a straightforward book now button can be included on your website.

Appointlet scales amazingly well. Due to the availability of their booking page in nine different languages and with automatically identified time zones, businesses can utilize it just as much as small teams. You may quickly locate a particular client or meeting in the database by rapidly searching. Customers can also attach a file when they reply to you. Some professions find this to be a lifesaver, and it costs you nothing.


  • Intake forms
  • Customized booking page
  • Meeting management
  • Video, calendar, and payment processing integrations


A full system for salons with an intuitive appointment calendar is Fresha, formerly known as Shedul. It is the only completely subscription-free salon booking system, making it the ideal choice for independent stylists or brand-new salons. Fresha offers a point-of-sale system, staff scheduling, product, and stock management, payment processing, financial reporting and analytics, and a variety of marketing tools in addition to its extensive salon appointment scheduling. Through your website, the Fresha marketplace, or by connecting to their social media pages, Fresha makes it simple for you to draw customers online. Fresha offers a marketplace for salon customers, which is a significant distinction. You may advertise your company and attract new customers in this way.


  • Free membership for an infinite number of staff
  • Incorporates Google, social media apps
  • User-friendly and simple to understand
  • Available in a variety of languages

Simplybook. me 

A complete online booking solution is available from, making you look professional and taking care of all your online requirements. You receive a fully functional booking website or a widget for your website where you may advertise your company. It takes appointments, and sells goods like memberships, packs, gift cards, and service add-ons. Manage all aspects of your business with a single solution, including your website, bookings, marketing campaigns, business analytics, and online and in-person payments. All small and medium-sized businesses that accept reservations, such as consultants, schools, and beauty parlors, can use All subsystems can be managed using the Enterprise solution’s admin interface.


  • Discover the variety of features that make the greatest online reservation and management platform for companies of all sizes and sectors.
  • To help you draw in new customers, keep your current ones happy, and run your business like a pro, has over 60 unique features.

Square Appointments

Square Appointments has a gorgeous design and is incredibly simple to use. Due to its wide variety of features, seamless integration with Square’s entire toolkit, and cost-free first use, this is the option for many small local businesses. A Square Appointments offers all of the functionality of the booking software for free to single users. It is a full-service business partner for both small and large organizations, and it is designed to expand with you as your company does. More than Square Appointments are available to you once you become a member of Square. When implementing the booking feature on your website, you also have a variety of alternatives. You can link to your booking page or embed it.


  • Free to all people
  • A well-made, intuitive interface
  • Integration with all Square applications opens you to a world of opportunities
  • Very robust client notification support
  • Robust management of the core business

10 to 8

An online booking system is an interface that allows customers to schedule appointments for the services you provide. Businesses and professionals alike are in charge of the services and open slots that clients can book thanks to an online booking system. With many systems, it is also feasible to configure repeating appointments and buffer time. Booking pages can be personalized and branded thanks to sophisticated booking systems like the 10to8 online booking system. The free plan for 10to8 includes all appointment scheduling tools, the same as Square Appointments, but it has a cap on the number of staff members it can accommodate. The free plan from 10to8 is a wonderful choice for businesses.


  • Unlimited appointments
  • Collect payments
  • Set maximum meetings per day
  • Automatic email booking notifications


One of the most well-known brands in the appointment scheduling software market is Calendly. This program became well-known for its capacity to quickly and easily replace dozens of time works. It is adaptable to various calendars and accessible by numerous integrations. This solution provides a fantastic user experience and a staggering number of features and is free. Spending money on its update, though, will be well worth it because it unlocks more than a hundred integrations and a wealth of new possibilities. It has excellent features, and it is a cost-effective premium plan.


  • Share your availability with a single link
  • Schedule events in a manner that satisfies guests
  • Increase connections while decreasing cancellations
  • Automate follow-ups and recollections


Setmore is an excellent tool for managing teams because it allows free users and is packed with capabilities. Customers can make reservations online and view the availability of specific personnel. You may manually add appointments from the dashboard. With just a few clicks, you can also reschedule or reassign appointments. You may manage a client database and receive payments with Setmore. Additionally, it interfaces with other business apps and mailing, sales, and CRM programs.


  • Class reservations
  • Reminder emails
  • CRM connections for social media pages
  • Automatic emails of confirmation
  • No-show deposit insurance


A flexible online scheduling and resource management tool for teams, medium-sized businesses, and large corporations are called Timify. It is accessible to enterprises and their personnel around-the-clock, regardless of time zones or constraints imposed by business hours. Services can be fully and instantly booked online. It is feasible to integrate the program with an organization’s current IT infrastructure, synchronize it with existing calendars, and have cross-platform mobile and tablet access. Business owners and international businesses from all industries use Timify globally.


  • Automated reminders for appointments
  • Customizable fields for data
  • Individual booking links
  • Booking instrument 

Customers can be required to pay deposits when making reservations, and you can specify whether they are completely, partially, or not refundable. It is a useful tactic for discouraging no-shows and preventing them. There doesn’t appear to be a native product inventory system, which may disappoint those that want to maintain stock through their booking platform. However, Zapier is supported by, and this outstanding middleware enables a wide range of activities that may be completely customized. In addition to routine server scans, it performs rigorous 3rd party pen-testing on its products every year. It employs regular backups in various data centers and secures communication.


  • Three third-party payment processors are available to users
  • Synchronize any calendar that is CalDAV compliant

Wrapping it up

Thus the above listed are about best free booking system in the UK. With the help of appointment scheduling software, you can easily manage your schedules and organize meetings and appointments with clients or coworkers without having to go back and forth. There is tons of excellent free appointment scheduling alternatives are available