If you are just starting out the business and want a payroll software that will assist you in compensating your employees then you are in the right place. In this article we are going to discuss about the best free online payroll software available in Canada. Everyone is aware of the problems that the businesses that has started recently face and the affording a software is one of them. It is very important for a business to have different types of software in order to run smoothly and payroll software is one of them. Calculating the working hours of each and every employee, crediting the salary in their account or issuing checks under their name is not an easy process. If you are not in a position to afford a software right now then check these payroll software that are available for free in the market. These software are scalable and they grow with your business and yes you have spend a few bucks for upgrading to their other plans when your business develop. These software are used by a wide range of businesses. Including brick & mortar stores, debt collection agencies, accounting firms, and more.

1. Wave

The first software that comes into the minds of Canadians when they think about free payroll software is Wave. Serving more than 3 million users, Wave has made its mark in the industry. It is a free software that offers invoicing, accounting and receipt scanning capabilities for the individuals. For most of the small businesses, independent entrepreneurs and freelancers, Wave has became a one stop solution. Wave has so many features which made it the best in the market. It helps in keeping the track of vacations and leaves of each employee and also helps in keeping the track of the benefits and bonuses of the employees. No matter what is the paycycle that your company is offering, Wave will support it and caters its services according to it. The dashboard is one of the commendable features of this software. Wave has designed with utmost perfection in order to cater all the requirements of a company.

Features of Wave

  • Direct deposit of salary into the employees account
  • Mass printing facility
  • Streamlined computation with each and every detail

2. HR.my

HR.my is a crowd funded HR software. The software was designed with utmost perfection in order to ease the human resource and payroll management. It offers some of the limited payroll tools which are necessary for the small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. This software helps in generating the pay slips, calculating the leaves of employees and deducting the amount, the attendance and leave management features of this software are highly commendable. The entire payroll is managed effectively with the best in class features of HR.my. Although the software has been designed to  manage the duties of an HR, it can be used for the payroll management too.

Features of HR.my

  • Easy to use interface so that it can be easy for both employers and employees to understand the software
  • Automatic generation of payslips.
  • Employee web account feature which provides access for the employees to know about the details regarding their salary and performance.

3. Xero

The first point that you have to keep in mind is Xero is only free upto five employees. It is ideal for the small businesses and freelancers. If you are habituated for Xero, then you will understand how perfect it is for your business. It offers wide online accounting and bookkeeping solutions which are essential for any business. On top of that the real time cash flow can also be tracked with the help of Xero. No matter whatever is your requirement including compilation of the records, maintenance and processing of employee payroll, Xero will take care of all of that.

Features of Xero

  • Synchronization of the financial records from various platforms.
  • Instant invoicing
  • Easy management of employee records

4. Employment Hero

Employment Hero is a HR software with incorporated payroll system. The best thing about this employment hero is they offer amazing features for free. If you have a small business and are not in a stage to spend some bucks on the payroll software then this software will really act like a hero for you. There are so many payroll processing tools that Employment Hero offers for free- file management of employee, contract tracking independently and paperless onboarding. The another commendable thing about Employment hero is its user friendly interface and storage option for employee contracts and other documents. It also offers mobile app so that its features can be accessed on the move.

Features of Employment Hero

  • Centralized system for various entities
  • Streamlining of work rules
  • Customizable pay schedules

5. Rise Lite

Rise Lite is a free payroll  software that has been created for small businesses exclusively. It provides so many amazing features which makes it easy for paying your employees. From managing their leaves to bonuses it provides you with in depth data and even processes the payment depending upon the requirement. The tax computation is also made a lot easier with Rise Lite.

Features of Rise Lite

  • Powerful reports regarding the payroll
  • Accurate entry and storage of data
  • Flexible scheduling of payments

6. Collabrill

Collabrill is one of the most used HR software in Canada. The software provides a free plan for the small businesses. In this freemium software the employer will get access to the employee management, leave and tracking of the attendance, payroll management. The companies with less than five employees can use this software for free of cost. The amazing features offered by Collabrill made it the one stop solution for all the HR requirements of small companies.

Features of Collabrill

  • Convenient interface with access to cloud
  • Implementation and usage of this software is very easy
  • System support is provided all the time

7. Payroll4Free

As its names states this is a free payroll software that has been created only for the small businesses. This is one of the best and highly reliable software that is available in the market. It offers almost every tool that is essential to run a business and manage the payroll of a certain business. The software will assist you with the taxation if you pay a nominal fee of 12.50 USD.

Features of Payroll4free

  • Easy tax filing
  • Vacation Time Tracking
  • Integration facility with various other platforms

8. Paycheck Manager

Paycheck manager is a simple software which is perfect for small sized companies with less than 5 employees. This software is very simple and help in computing the calculations regarding a paycheck. The best thing about Paycheck manager is it helps in calculating the withholding and payroll taxes, any kind of payroll deductions, over time paying. Paycheck manager is a highly reliable payment option which will make the payment process simpler and easier. The employer can enter the tax deductions for travel or any other benefits.

Features of Paycheck Manager

  • Easy to use platform
  • Pre deduction of any tax exempted charges
  • Withholding tax calculator

9. Lite

Lite from PayDirt Payroll is one of the most used payroll software among the small businesses in Canada. The software has all the features that caters the requirement of a business. It manages the leaves,vacations and the financial privileges of employees and at the same time helps in the management of the payroll. It is a powerful program which is available  for the businesses for free. It requires installation into the C Drive.

Features of Lite

  • Paycheck printing option
  • Direct deposit of salary to the employee
  • A file can be created in order to upload all the T4s to Canada Revenue Agency

10. HR Club

HR club is the last free payroll software that is available in Canada. Though HR club don’t offer any fancy features, it works perfectly as per the requirements and serves the business. It acts as an alternative for PDOC payroll calculator and helps the HR club with so many amazing features. It offers so many unique features and can be used in two languages- English and French.

Features of HR Club

  • Business number verification
  • Monthly reports of the payout
  • Calculation of bonuses and other allowances

It is important for every company to automate their system with the software so that they can concentrate on the things that matter the most. This is the reason why there are so many software available in the market that offers free planning of the small companies. The budget should never hinder the usage of technology, so choose any one of the best software from this list and implement it in order to make payroll management easier.