Every trip needs prior planning, if not for looking around, at least knowing where to stay. Hotel bookings can get tiresome and stressful especially when the location is seasonal. Phones might be busy and the receptionist may be tied up with hotel arrangements, housekeeping management and more. Why rely on phone bookings when hotel booking apps make it easier for us? Hotel bookings can now be done in a matter of minutes online. There are some apps that give offers and membership discounts, which makes hotel booking easier and cheaper. Here are a few hotel booking apps that make trips pleasant and less stressful.

1. Makemytrip

Any google search of hotels will land us in the makemytrip website. Makemytrip offers special wallet offers, where users get cash back offers and discounts based on their bookings. From hotels and air tickets to guide booking and site seeing, Makemytrip extends user experience to another level. Tickets can be showcased through mails and text messages.

2. Clear Trip

When it comes to ticket booking, Clear Trip has users covered by being an all-rounder app when it comes to hotel booking. Reliable and easy to use, clear trip helps users book tickets easily. Offering other services than just ticket booking, Clear trip has proved to be smooth, clean and effective.

3. OYO Rooms

Offering premium to great prices, OYO Rooms is a start up that sprung up in the Hotel Room booking industry and became renowned within a short period of time. Known as a pocket-friendly service, OYO Rooms targets budget-friendly customers.

4. Trivago

Giving the best deals and offers, Trivago keeps customers happy by surfing across 7 lakh offers and deals. Trivago offers the best deals and is considered as the best pocket-friendly app in the world.

5. Goibibo

Giving smooth and excellent discounts, Goibibo gives users the freedom to choose from hundreds of hotels and offers. Offering exclusive domestic flight discounts and allowing us to book cheap, budget friendly and luxury hotels, Goibibo helps users find the right hotels.

6. Treebo

Users are given rewards on a points basis, depending on user bookings and more. Tie ups with Uber eats, Paytm and OLA helps users have the best trip experience. Special offer codes and best rates

7. Ixigo

A startup based in Gurgan, Ixigo is a mobile app that is travel based and helps with hotel bookings. Allowing users to compare the best rates and offers between hotels and other travel websites, Ixigo is doing a good job in terms of customer satisfaction.

8. Booking.com

Booking.com is an app that allows flight, train and airport ride booking in prior. With great deals and offers, Booking.com is a trusted hotel booking application.

9. Flyin.com

Available in all languages and with a unique user interface, Flyin is a travel booking website that operates worldwide. With attaractive pictures and user experience snapshots, Flyin is one of the best travel booking apps.

10. Hotels.com

As the name suggests, hotels is a recognized hotel booking application that provides 24/7 customer support, helping users find the right destination.