An open-source antivirus is a piece of security software created by a group of programmers constantly improving the source code. These antivirus tools are free and can protect your computer from various online threats such as malware or spyware. The benefit of using an open-source antivirus is that software engineers or even users constantly improve it. You can find effective open-source antivirus software to protect your computer from infected online downloads or malware. At the same time, open-source antiviruses can be used for various security purposes, such as spam threats, phishing attacks via emails, malicious websites or URLs, banking data attacks, and so on. When using open-source tools, you should be aware of certain security flaws.The fact that anyone can modify the software’s public code creates weakness for users as well. The attackers have complete access to the software’s information and can use it to their advantage. Here are the 10 best open source antivirus for windows:


Bitdefender is a real-time threat detection system that works in the background and uses very few resources. You can use such a dependable antivirus to cure any cybersecurity difficulties on your PC, such as ransomware, spyware, or virus infection. Full scan engines will also have a high detection rate for malicious websites or executable files on your PC. Because of its minimal resource usage, this free antivirus is ideal for high-demand processes on your PC, such as video editing or gaming. 

In addition, take advantage of security measures to protect you against internet fraud. The key features are advanced threat defense using web filtering technology, and Bitdefender photon is a resource-saving and speed-enhancing antivirus program. Additionally, it has a protective network worldwide, protection against ransomware on multiple levels, and security advisor vulnerability assessment autopilot.


Kaspersky antivirus is free software that completely protects your computer from various threats in your digital environment. This comprehensive solution protects against common threats such as spyware or malware and more complex virus types such as file-less attacks. Furthermore, you have reliable protection against phishing attacks and sophisticated social engineering threats that can be found online. 

As a result, you can protect your online presence from advanced email scams, malicious websites, and all types of malware. The key features include improved system performance, high-level security features, data protection for online banking or shopping. The interface is simple to use, and it is available for PC, Mac, and mobile devices. You are protected against advanced malware or spyware attacks with Kaspersky antivirus tools, so don’t be concerned.


Avira is another excellent security tool that will keep you safe from viruses, malware, and other types of cyber-attacks, thanks to its multilayered security. The antivirus includes a built-in VPN that ensures your data remains private and no one discovers your IP address, location, or identity. Furthermore, the program is completely free, with no advertisements or other annoying popups. Install it, and you will never have to worry about annoying promotions or offers again. Advanced AI and machine learning are Avira’s key features. Additionally it has compatibility across platforms, updates and protection in real-time, shedding light on the system’s resources, and rapid scanning. You can be at ease about new emerging malware or virus threats by using Avira’s comprehensive antivirus tools.


Panda Security is a free cloud-based antivirus program that protects your Windows, Mac, and Android devices. First, learn about the best virus detection rates and malware removal tools. You can schedule regular system scans and perform them as needed. With USB virus security, any user can prevent malware threats or hacking tactics from being executed automatically from USB drives. You will also benefit from the Panda rescue kit, designed to clean your system of virus infections and boot the PC from a clean USB drive. 

There is no impact on system resources. It has some specific features such as windows devices with firewall support, wi-fi network security, USB drives, and other external devices. Take advantage of the valuable security features and protect all desktop and mobile devices with Panda Free Antivirus. The software offers real-time protection against digital threats and scans your apps or programs before installation on Android and Mac devices.


Immunet is open-source software that protects your computer from any online threat. To ensure the security of your PC while online, this software uses cloud computing and community-based technology. It was created to work flawlessly with any computer that runs the Windows operating system. You can still use this antivirus if your computer is not brand new or has outdated hardware. 

The fact that you can use it to supplement your existing antivirus software is intriguing. This essentially means that your primary antivirus software will collaborate with Immunet to protect your computer. However, you should be aware that Immunet can also be used independently. It can do almost everything your other software can.


Comodo can protect your computer from viruses, malware, trojans, rootkits, adware, and spyware. This is essentially your computer’s first line of defense. It checks for any new files that attempt to enter your system. You can copy or install it without hesitation once it has been proven to be safe. This feature serves as a backup for the first. It will place your files in a different environment where they will be tested to ensure they are usable. It monitors your computer and protects it from malicious attacks from various sources. It is unusual for a free antivirus tool to be this powerful and versatile.

Comodo could be a good choice if you want software that can do many things. Comodo can do something unique but extremely useful. Rating Scan will examine all running processes as well as the most frequently infected areas. When it is finished, you will see a report based on the reputation of each file or function found. Perhaps you suspect an infection but are unsure where to look for it. Based on this report, you can begin looking in the right direction, reducing the time required to locate the problem.


Sophos has been developing security software for over 30 years. Most of its programs were designed for enterprise use but now offer a free version of its antivirus program for personal use. Sophos is not the lightest program on the market. When the installation is finished, and you check how your system is performing, you will notice a significant increase in RAM usage. This is more or less dependent on your personal computer.

Nonetheless, the program consumes more resources than some of its competitors. On the one hand, the user interface is very appealing. The company designed it to be user-friendly. There are also buttons for scanning your computer and managing your security. Other options are also available, but only if you log in to your account on their website. Sophos was able to detect and eliminate all malware and threats that were present on the system.


It is one of the most significant competitors to other antivirus software companies. One of the most significant advantages of choosing this software over others is the abundance of features and options it provides. It outperforms some paid applications. This is especially important given the variety of choices available to you. Avast is adept at preventing this outcome. They created a dashboard that is simple to use for anyone. The installation is also simple.

The custom installation is an advantage of Avast’s installation process. When you start the building, you can select this option. You must scan your computer to detect potential threats. Avast is excellent at this and includes far more scanning options than you may ever require. If you need something quick, select the quick scan option. Avast also provides a custom scan, which allows you to scan specific folders and files.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware home

Emsisoft Anti-Malware is a cutting-edge antivirus program that monitors your system for suspicious apps or activities. Ransomware assaults from unpatched software or corrupted bots, banking trojans, and other digital threats are all protected by this antivirus solution. You have strong protection for your personal web activity, as well as regular monitoring of hazardous websites and links. You will be notified about every questionable webpage using the browser extension. Finally, Emsisoft antivirus protects you against email phishing attacks and protects personal or sensitive data from sophisticated threats.

Windows defender

Any new Windows machine comes with a free copy of windows defender. When compared to other options, this is one of its strongest advantages. Windows Defender is a completely integrated tool that works with your design and is part of the operating system. Your computer will run at peak performance if you utilize Windows Defender, with no lags or downsides. This is effective in always starting with a clean system. A firewall is also included in the application, which runs in real-time. It may also be used to keep track of your corporate systems and different devices. Many of Windows Defender’s competitors have a higher detection rate than Windows Defender.

Wrapping it up

Thus the above listed are about the 10 best open source antiviruses for windows. Open-source antiviruses can be used for a variety of security purposes, and if you have one installed, your computer will be safe and secure from viruses and malware.