Are you looking for free alternatives to AutoCAD? If so, here you will get a good view. A more basic explanation of CAD is computer-aided drafting software, which enables users to generate designs for engineering and architectural purposes. Buildings, automobiles, and other mechanical parts may all be created using CAD software, which is well known for making structural drawings. All engineering experts must have it, but others can also use it for various design purposes. However, Windows and MAC produce most of the CAD software you see. One such popular software available for both Windows and Mac is AutoCAD. If you use Linux, you would always demand software compatible with Linux for better outcomes. Below listed are the ten best open source auto cad alternatives:


For all Linux users, QCAD is another effective free alternative to AutoCAD. For any 2D model drawings, it is excellent and open-source. As a user, you can quickly develop schematics and drawings for all the plans for any construction and other mechanical part. Even for your interior design projects, you can use this software.

With QCAD, you may experiment with a wide variety of modelling tools. NURBS and Polytines are also included. Additionally, QCAD is a great library where users can find 5000 and maybe more CAD parts and add-ons to integrate. It also provides an isometric perspective that enables you to see detailed work. All experts can still use it for free despite these advantages.

2. LibreCAD

If you do not care about software that only allows 2D modelling, LibreCAD is a good option. You can improve your 2D modelling skills using the program’s ease of use. The user-friendly interface and cross-platform compatibility of this CAD software, which works with Windows, Linux, and Apple, make it a wonderful option for beginners.

It won’t be a problem because LibreCAD supports about 30 different languages. The application provides many helpful tools, such as circles, lines, and other simple tools, to assist you in designing your 2D projects. You can save the project in a number of different file types, including PDF, PNG, JPG, and SVG, despite the software’s limited modelling functionality. The capacity to construct layers is also included. 

Do you know what is better about it? Due to its small size, LibreCAD works best on any computer. It won’t take a lot of space on your computer and slow it down. Currently, the software is supported by a great community that contributes to enhancing its performance through add-ons and supplementary features.


You can use BRL-CAD as an alternative to AutoCAD without paying anything. It is well famous for providing greater accuracy in all sketching and model-making. This software offers constructive solid geometry modelling. In addition, there are many other tools and features included with this Cad system. The ray tracing tool in this CAD software is one of the most useful.

Geometrical analysis, geometrical editing, image processing, and signal processing are applied to 2D and 3D modelling. Additionally, there is frame-buffer support, which makes it simpler for all professionals. An evaluation tool exists that analyses your performance and displays your report. BRL-CAD also provides a user-friendly UI. It may be learned to use by both experts and beginners.

4. Sweet Home 3D

CAD software named Sweet Home 3D may be used to create any interior design. This was mostly CAD software that was introduced for every house design. Using this software, you can develop floor plans and interior designs for your home. Every design is seen in three dimensions.

Offers you a wide variety of Java-programmed plugins. The ability of users to access many devices, including cellphones, PCs, laptops, and many more, is the most beneficial feature of this software. Editing by drag and drop is a very useful feature. By dragging elements, you can change and create any object.

5. FreeCAD

An open-source and free alternative to AutoCAD is called FreeCAD. Beginners who want to learn 3D modelling without investing in specialized software frequently use this software. It offers a variety of features that assist in the creation of artistic works and architectural projects. FreeCAD is not suited for video games or movies because it is not made to work with organic shapes and animation.

The best feature offered by FreeCAD is the capacity to alter utilizing the Python programming language. It makes the software simple to use and understand, making it ideal for those just starting to learn 3D modelling. You can become familiar with the features and possibilities of this software after just one week of study. Although it is free software, it provides 3D modellers with various features. It is trustworthy for both 2D and 3D modelling in addition to working effectively for 3D modelling. The users of this software can be independent contractors.

6. OpenSCAD

With this software, you may create 2D and 3D drawings as a free AutoCAD alternative. It is another option that is free and has a lot of great features. When converting 2D models into 3D models, OpenSCAD additionally supports textual descriptions. Algorithms for computational geometry, an external library, and many more are included.

A model may be easily created for each necessary object, and users can also provide textual descriptions and input commands. Open GL, Open CSG, and other tools can all be used by users to preview the model. OpenSCAD is a good program to utilize as a starting point, and beginners will find it simple to use. The user interface for OpenSCAD is simple to use, and also it is clear.

7. LeoCAD

As an alternative to AutoCAD, LeoCAD is rather interesting. It is free to use for Linux, Mac, and Windows computers. With LeoCAD, you can create digital LEGO brick models. That is a rather original concept, and if it appeals to you for any reason, it will be a great alternative for AutoCAD. In addition to using the LDraw library, which has over 10,000 parts you may add to models and designs, the LeoCAD software is compatible with LDraw tools.

LeoCAD is open-source so that anyone may add improvements and new features, and it will always be free. Additionally, LeoCAD supports both LDR and MPD files. All thus share the ability to fix problems. LeoCAD has a user-friendly interface that is made to make it easy for beginners to start building new models without having to spend a lot of time getting to know the software. At the same time, it provides a powerful feature set that enables knowledgeable users to create models using more complex methods.

8. DraftSight

For those looking for better ways to read, create, and share.dwg files, Draftsight is a greater alternative to AutoCAD. The open 2D CAD software is simple to use, has all the tools required to produce technical 2D drawings, and is built on cutting-edge architecture. DraftSight is available for free download and may be activated in a few minutes for educators, students, and professional CAD users.

You can make precise adjustments with DraftSight due to its simple user interface, which makes it simple to use and understand. Design elements are kept in layers. In addition, the programme allows you to save and open DXF and DWG files and directly generate G-Code. Additionally, it features a sizable design library where you may access the macro recording, use pre-existing patterns, and perform batch printing.

9. Cadlogic

The design software from Cadlogic has been demonstrated to increase productivity and provide system benefits in a variety of fields, including design, estimating, architecture, sales, and manufacturing. Applications include piping, lighting, engineering, architecture and construction, and more. The software products frequently do not perfectly match your organization’s unique requirements. In order to improve and replace your current IT network, the team at Cadlogic will work side by side with you to give a full customized cad service from advice to installation, training, and maintenance. This software is also user-friendly. With the limitless free edition of the CAD software, you are free to design, save, and print your work as often as you like.

10. KiCAD

An excellent alternative to AutoCAD is the open-source, automated suite design platform known as KiCAD. Users won’t face any restrictions when creating a model and sketching with this because it is an asymmetric editor. KiCAD can meet your modelling needs for your professional goals with a PCB layout and 32 copper layers. You can view the models in 3D using the 3D viewer included in this package.

On Canvas, you can also view all of your designs. The tool includes a vast collection as well as 3D models. Additionally, there is free CAD software that comes that lets users customize the look of the board. It supports several different tools. Using the symbol editor, users can produce their images.

Final Thoughts

You may create both 2D and 3D models using AutoCAD. In addition to creating solids, surfaces, and other things, you can automate a lot of processes, including model comparisons. So it is best to use the software for all approaches. The above listed are the best open source auto cad alternatives you can use.