Today’s businesses in the travel and hospitality sector greatly benefit from booking software, often known as online booking software. Online booking is becoming common these days, whether for a hotel stay or a plane ticket. In the past, customers would directly purchase their tickets through travel agencies, ticket offices, and over the phone. In the modern world, digitalization has made every process simple and fast. One of them is making a booking online. The travel and hospitality industries continue developing because of advanced booking software, which provides users convenience. In addition to making things simpler for customers, the booking system helps travel and hospitality businesses simplify the booking process, accept payments, and boost productivity internally. Below listed are the top ten best open source booking systems:


Booknetic is an open-source, multi-purpose appointment scheduling system to help businesses automate online bookings. Google Calendar Sync enables you to share your work schedule with clients. Viewers will see all scheduled hours as busy time slots, which minimizes the possibility of double bookings or the requirement for additional in-person contact.

With a board feature set and 5-star customer service, Booknetic charges a one-time $79 payment for all features on a lifetime basis.

  • Calendar sync to avoid double bookings and keep track of your online appointments
  • Automatic notifications through messages, emails, and WhatsApp and reminders for staff and customers 
  • Fully customizable booking widget 
  • Booking panel with multi-level categories
  • Customization possibilities for organizing your booking flow
  • Customizable design to match your branding
  • Popular payment gateways like Paypal, Mollie, Stripe, and more.
  • Access virtual events via Zoom integration
  • Recurring appointments to avoid repetitive bookings

2. QloApps

QloApps is an online hotel booking and free, open-source reservation management system. The cloud-based platform offers a number of features that enable hotel businesses to handle reservations, inventory, payments, channels, refunds, discounts, and other aspects from a single location. Users may connect and manage all hotel listing data, such as pricing, inventory, and availability, across numerous internet channels with the QloApps Channel Manager.

Businesses may create and launch a branded website using QloApps, and customers can make an online booking using the integrated booking system. The QloApps booking system offers details on pricing, room availability, hotel capacity, and more. Staff members can manually manage walk-in bookings through the booking system. Offline bookings can also be managed within the system.

QloApps also makes it easier to process payments, and consumers can choose to make partial payments to book rooms in advance. The platform also offers administration of order cancellations, tax management, room reallocation, email notifications, discount management, pricing rules management, and guest testimonials and reviews.

3. Solidres

Solidres is a free and open-source online reservation and booking system created specifically for residential places, dining establishments, and the hospitality industry. The system enables flexibility while also helping you customize your reservation system to your particular business needs. This software is straightforward to install, set up, and operate, so you don’t need to be a technological expert in utilizing it. Additionally, the Solidres team is always available to assist companies in setting up their booking system. No boundaries apply when working with Solidres.

Key Features

  • It can support a variety of business types with bookings as a basic requirement. It has plugins and add-ons to provide unique functionality. 
  • It has responsive design features to make online booking systems look their best on all the newest platforms and devices.
  • Adopts many languages, removing all restrictions based on location for your company.
  • Compatible with a variety of browsers, offering various users exceptional browsing experiences
  • Integrated Joomla and WordPress themes, allowing you to customize the appearance of your online booking website to match your brand

4. Easy Appointments

Easy Appointments is a free and open-source appointment booking tool that enables your clients to make online appointments with you. Additionally, you may sync your data with Google Calendar, which will help in proper appointment management. This software may be set up on the server in a single folder and will work perfectly with your current website.


  • Provides flexible calendar displays and layouts to help manage appointments, booking history, and customer information
  • Assists in sending automated email notifications in the event of a schedule change, booking modification, or cancellation 
  • Specifies various services, as well as the teams and employees responsible for providing each service to customers
  • User Interface may be translated into 21 different languages. 
  • Events can be linked with Google Calendar and shared with other software.

5. BUK

BUK is a free appointment booking system that allows you to streamline the entire booking process to make it as simple as possible. It is flexible and straightforward with a variety of features. Self-booking is available, and you can sync appointments with your Google Calendar and notify customers automatically through text messages. Additionally, it enables you to create a booking page that is uniquely yours and makes it simple for customers to make appointments.


  • Enables you to create a booking link that can then be shared on social media accounts and with your clients 
  • It helps you in managing your team’s schedule 
  • Enables you to access your calendar on any device and receive notifications in real-time
  • Help you in reviewing client data and statistics to streamline business operations

6. Calendly

You may easily schedule appointments with the online appointment booking system called Calendly. It combines Calendly with your calendar, enables you to set the meeting’s duration, and lets you share your Calendly link with visitors. There would be no way for your customers, coworkers, or students to view more information than required.

  • iCloud, Google, Outlook, Office 365, and other calendars can be integrated to prevent double bookings.
  • Enables secret event kinds, buffer time between meetings, and meeting cancellations in advance
  • The capacity to recognize multiple time zones so that differences in geographic locations cause no confusion
  • Able to function with various applications, like Zappier, GoToMeeting, SalesForce, etc.
  • Can support meetings and collective availability meetings 

7. Reservio

Reservio is an online appointment booking system that helps organizations manage their appointments from any device or platform. It is an incredibly user-friendly method for booking appointments that has the power to alter how you handle your calendar completely. It is offered in 13 languages and was specially created for spas, yoga studios, and medical facilities.

  • You can effortlessly schedule appointments and reserve events with just a few clicks.
  • Provides access to customer information and booking history
  • can interface with Google Calendar
  • can send booking reminders through email and SMS
  • helps in making an online booking through the website
  • tracks and improves business performance and sales data.

8. BirchPress

It is an open-source appointment booking system that simplifies employee management, payments, and appointment scheduling within booking software. Your customers can quickly monitor your availability and make appointments on its personalized scheduling page.

To increase visibility, you can share your schedule page on other pages. You can use it to filter appointments based on their paid and unpaid features because it supports online payment channels.

BrichPress is regarded as one of the top open-source scheduling plugins for WordPress because of its user-friendly design and great functionality. If you are a joint owner, it is a reliable and useful tool.

9. Bitrix24

Within its open-source scheduling software, Bitrix24 offers a wide range of solutions. It provides enterprises with kanban boards, charts, and prepared task templates that help efficiently organize workflow on the task and project side. It has a chat, file sharing, contacts, task and project management capabilities, and others. Additionally included in this open-source scheduling software is a call center capability. It implies that you will be able to see your previous interactions with clients if a prospect requests a meeting with you. You will have your client’s contact information and the necessary information in case you miss a call with them. This helps in restoring contact with lost clients and prospects.

Bitrix24 is a good option if you want a platform in addition to standard meeting scheduling software. Its free plan offers collaboration and other services with restricted access to individuals and organizations.

Given the extensive feature set, its commercial options cost more than the top open-source scheduling systems available. You can choose Bitrix24 if you use many different data types in your everyday operations and require a single management tool for all of them.

10. TimeTap

One of the most appointment scheduling systems is TimeTap, which many corporations utilize, institutions of higher learning, and government agencies. It permits 24/7 self-booking, enabling you to complete more reservations in less time. Since you regularly receive notifications for daily bookings, you don’t need to organize your clients’ reservations daily. Overall, it helps you easily manage your appointment-based business.


  • permits an infinite number of appointments, customers, and services
  • keeps client data so it can be quickly accessed when needed
  • schedules meetings for recurrence at regular periods
  • allows for flexibility in your availability throughout business hours
  • enables two-way calendar syncing
  • assists in maintaining appointment schedules for many places
  • able to connect to payment systems
  • gives you role-based access capabilities to manage your staff members’ calendars.
  • Computes the distance between two appointments.
  • It allows customers to join the waitlist if appointments are unavailable.
  • Enables individuals to sign up for courses or seminars that are expected to last numerous days.

Additional Resource


Skedda is a free online booking system made specifically for arranging your venue, which might include conference spaces, sports arenas, community centers, classrooms & labs, etc. Skedda is a free intelligent system for controlling up to 5 spaces.


  • Provides a calendar view so you can see all events at your venues in real-time.
  • enables individuals to establish and cancel bookings independently
  • You control which users can make bookings and who is excluded from paying fees.
  • It enables the administrator to alter the booking guidelines and cancellation procedures.
  • Your booking engine is accessible from any device, giving you the flexibility to manage bookings at any time and from any location.

Bottom Line

To avoid future disappointments, you should thoroughly research the various appointment scheduling systems before making your choice. The above listed are the top ten best open source booking systems you can utilize to book.