The diagram software is very valuable and helpful. Using simple diagramming tools, you may develop and graphically shape your ideas for the audience. With diagram software, users may create stunning diagrams from scratch. You can tweak the open-source diagramming tool because you can access the source code. Free diagram software would be suitable for you if you operate a small business. Companies and experts in virtually every industry can make diagrams thanks to diagram software. Diagrams used in business include flowcharts, network diagrams, and floor plans, to name just a few. Drawing process diagrams doesn’t require you to be an expert or an intellectual if you have the correct diagramming tool. These tools make visual communication possible for almost everyone in the business. When producing different diagrams, users can get a head start thanks to the many apps that offer readymade designs. Here you can see about the best open source diagramming tools:

The most user-friendly, straightforward tool that supports every diagram might be advantageous to software, mechanical, and electrical engineers. Drawing diagrams is made easy with the help of the diagramming tool, formerly known as Many platforms have adapted Several well-known programs, including Google Workplace, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox, NextCloud, GitHub, and others, are effortlessly synchronised with the diagramming tool. 

The program combines and retrieves data from a clearly defined CSV or excel file. The utility is also compatible with BookStack, Docstell, Atom, and other programs. The upgraded and most advanced shapes library with the option to search any shape in the provided search box, shape connectors, quick shape rotation, add and text wrapping capabilities, free access to the architectural diagram, etc. It has additional diagramming features. The utility is available for download or online use.


Dia is an online diagramming tool that is free and open source that assists users in drawing organised diagrams. The sophisticated and feature-rich diagramming tool offers a wide range of capabilities that improve user experience. The Dia Diagram Editor is a cross-platform platform that is free and open-source. As a result, Linux, macOS, and Windows users can use the application with no problems. Users of this software can produce charts for any purpose after installing it. A list of many diagrams can be made by users using Dia.

A tool for creating organisational charts, compatibility with Character Separated Files, improved diagram layouts, graphics, and shapes, data import and export capabilities. The ability to use predefined objects and symbols, exporting diagrams in a variety of formats, including PNG, SVG, WMG, XFIG, etc. These are the few additional features, and its list of features and functionalities is endless. You may create network designs, flowcharts, circuit diagrams, and database models. Using more than a thousand predefined objects and symbols, the software enables you to create diagrams even if you are a beginner. As a tool for computer-aided software engineering, the developers use this software.


Lucidchart will fulfil your needs if you are searching for an effective diagramming tool. This is a free solution for one user’s diagram software. It will enable the user to see models and processes. With the program’s help, several users can easily and concurrently collaborate on the same papers. The ability of the entire team to think visually aids in raising productivity. This software makes it much simpler to create flowcharts, org charts, UML, mind maps, and wireframes. Users in the web design, web development, and engineering fields will benefit from the tool’s user-friendly interface. This system is trustworthy and simple to use.


Cloud-hosted app creately is giving away five open access papers. It provides the easiest representation of plans, procedures, thoughts, and ideas. With this tool, you can access schematics even while you are offline. With the help of this software, you can visualise your thoughts. Since this tool makes diagramming simpler, you may enlarge a shape to the precise size you wish by clicking on it and dragging it across the screen.

It is suitable for technical diagram needs, software developers, network engineers, tech leaders, business consultants and analysts, web designers, UI engineers, students, and teachers. Using this web-based diagramming tool, you may create flowcharts, wireframes, mock-ups, UML diagrams, mind maps, infographics, organisational charts, and other diagrams. With this tool, you can collaborate and draw.

5.Calligra Flow

The free and open source database design and flowchart program called Calligra Flow lets users express their graphic creativity. The visual database app is made using this free diagramming and flowcharting program. It can produce organisational charts, flowcharts, and network diagrams. The Calligra Suite, which contains a collection of programs, can help you complete your work. The Calligra Office feature called Flow supports flowcharts. Using this cutting-edge software, artists may create 2D drawings and illustrations. User-friendly software with strong integration with other Calligra programs is called Calligra Flow. 

One of the most respected and widely used tools for diagramming and producing clear visuals is Calligra Flow. Due to its user interface’s resemblance to Microsoft Vision, Calligra Flow is widely used by experienced Visio users and newcomers. The application has numerous sophisticated capabilities, including the ability to create organisational charts, flowcharts, and other types of diagrams.

6.Apache openoffice draw

The Apache OpenOffice office suite, which was introduced in 2012 by the Apache Software Foundation, a leader in the development of software solutions, is free and open-source. It includes a number of tools that make it easy, flexible, and affordable to create and manage data. For Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows users worldwide, Apache OpenOffice provides a smooth user experience and is cross-platform compatible. The fundamental aspects of Apache OpenOffice Draw, an intuitive alternative to LibreOffice Draw, are extremely similar. Users can design various organisational diagrams, flowcharts, and network diagrams with the program. The drawing tool included in the office suite may meet all of the user’s diagramming requirements.


An open-source vector drawing program called Inkscape enables users to make stunning diagrams. It includes a pencil, pen, calligraphy, and drawing-related equipment. This app’s 3D boxes tool allows quick drawing. Custom brushes, design layers, paint tools, stencils, symmetry, and watermarks are all available in this free program. This application is utilised by design experts in a wide range of industries, including marketing, branding, engineering, CAD, online graphics, cartooning, and individual purposes. The platform’s diagramming features include the use of and compatibility with the W3C open standard SVG format, object creation and manipulation, text operations, fills and stroke rendering.

The export and import capabilities support a variety of file formats, including SVG, PDF, PS, PNG, AI, EPS, and others. A free and open-source diagramming and photo-editing program, Inkscape, was created in 2003. Linux, macOS, Windows, and FreeBSD users can use Inkscape because it is cross-platform compatible. This feature-rich vector graphics tool is in addition to offering a list of intuitive and attractive diagramming capabilities.


Another very user-friendly and widely used tool for diagramming is the pencil, which provides a wide range of features. The open-source, free pencil diagramming application is compatible with all popular operating systems and is available for download at no cost. The platform’s features include a variety of shapes that users can utilise to design various desktop and mobile user interfaces. Having pre-installed stencils for iOS and Android, flowchart components, universal shapes, shape connectors, and the ability to export documents in a variety of formats, such as PDG, SVG, and LibreOffice, among others. Among other enhanced features, the pencil platform now allows users to immediately search the internet for a specific shape or piece of clipart.

9.LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw is a component of the LibreOffice Suite, anyone who has access to the other LibreOffice products can quickly become familiar with the application. LibreOffice Draw is open-source and free, just like its other products. The tool gives users access to a number of capabilities and provides an intuitive drawing environment for all types of diagrams. These features mainly consist of pre-made flowcharts and other diagramming shapes, a comprehensive help system that can be accessed from the help menu, diagram connection points, and multiple pages. The text wraps feature allows text to be enclosed inside shapes, spell-check, import, export, and edit PDF files, import Microsoft Visio. vsd files and Microsoft files, etc


A diagramming framework for sophisticated applications is called JointJS. Add interactive graphs, diagrams, and flowcharts to any program. Enjoy interactive graphs, flowcharts, and more right inside your apps, and allow users to change the data there. Every element of the user interface may be altered to fit your preferences and brand, and it can be placed on any page while also interacting with any back-end via AJAX and JSON. With the use of diagramming tools from Build, including flowchart editors, mind mapping tools, organisational chart editors, and more. It allows you to add a visual user interface to workflow applications like IVR, ETL, marketing automation, and more.

Parting words

Hopefully, you will learn about the best open source diagramming tools. While drawing a diagram by hand is always an option, a software diagram generator can speed up standardisation and save a lot of time. Using this kind of software, producing expert diagrams is quick and simple.