Is an SEO agency important for your SaaS business? The answer is a big YES. Do you know that SaaS companies with SEO and content marketing have 30% higher growth rate than SaaS companies not using SEO. 

A decent SaaS SEO company not only assists you in generating high quality leads, but it also enhances your brand’s visibility, and significantly increases traffic and sales of your website. Canada is a big hub of such agencies. In this article, we will introduce you with the 10 best SaaS SEO agencies in Canada in 2023. Let’s dive in to find out what these profiting SaaS business agencies are.


SaaSlinko is a leading SaaS SEO agency that helps clients increase their online traffic and improve their search engine rankings. With a team of experienced professionals, the company has a proven track record of delivering results for its clients, resulting in significant growth.

In recent years, the company has helped several businesses achieve maximum growth through its effective SEO strategies and techniques. Whether you’re looking to increase brand visibility, drive more qualified leads, or improve your online reputation, SaaSlinko is the perfect partner to help you achieve your goals. With a focus on innovation and a commitment to excellence, SaaSlinko is dedicated to helping its clients succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Suggest info

When it comes to Saas SEO agencies in canada you can’t miss out on Suggestinfo. They are pioneers in deriving the right SEO strategies that can increase brand visibility and generate quality business leads for your business. They have helped to lead B2B companies to improve their website rankings.

They build unique digital strategies through real-time data analysis and offer services on various verticals likes like SEO, content marketing, graphic design, and video production. They offer 24/7 customer service to their customers. If you want to generate quality leads at affordable cost through digital marketing then they are the best bet.

Up Digital

Up Digital is a SaaS SEO agency with its branches spreaded across Toronto, Canada and Los Angeles, California. The chief services provided by Up Digital includes SEO, Google Ads campaigns (PPC advertising), web development, graphic designing, videos creation and content creation. 

Up Digital is known for enhancing its reach among the target audience. It has achieved an organic traffic of 250k+ from 0 in just 16 months. It has a history of generating $10+ MM revenue from $3.88 MM. All this made Up Digital get featured on Investopedia, Forbes, Fox, and CBS. 

Incrementors Web Solutions

Incrementors Web Solutions is a data informed audience led SaaS SEO agency based in Canada. It promises to boost your sales in just 6 months. Incrementors web solutions have already generated 7.5 million revenue for its clients since it was established and this number is continuously increasing. 

Its basic strategy has four main steps. Its first aim remains traffic generation to websites. It then nurtures clients and boosts CRM. After retargeting and personalisation, it converts target audience and viewers into real customers. It has strategies that pledge about doubling the return on investment. 

The Incrementors other models include measured advertising(PPC campaigns), design magic (website designing), and expand your social reach (a social media marketing).

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Another worthwhile company positioned in our best SEO agencies list is RN01. Featured in Forbes, the RNO1 is known to connect with brands for purposes which is to boost sales. RNO1 provides services in terms of establishing brand awareness, empowering websites and digital platforms, Web3 experience designing, enhancing e-commerce experiences, and building stellar AR and VR environments. Design, collaboration, upgrade and results is the principle of RN01. 

It has three kinds of models named Revolve, Return, and Ryde. Revolve is a subscription model for agencies for established brands. It promises to achieve results in 30 days otherwise you get a chance of renewal. It then implements return on design & digital (RODD) model for scalable monetization. 

On the other hand, the Return model of RNO1 is for meta companies, DeFi, blockchain, and crypto and Ryde model is to establish the future of your brand which includes 6 months marketing cycles and a senior team working hard and fast to achieve best possible results.


With over four years of experience, over 272 successful projects, and more than 48,000 development hours, GrayCyan has established its name as one of the best SaaS SEO agencies in Canada. 

The expertise niche of GrayCyan is website development. High design sites, corporate sites, ecommerce websites, startups websites, revamp websites, rescue websites, SEO and Google Ads, custom software and API integrations are the services provided by GrayCyan.

Edkent Media

Edkent Media is a SaaS SEO agency in Canada promising higher ROI, more sales, better leads, relevant traffic and accurate positioning. The list of services provided by Edkent Media includes SEO, website design, pay per click advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing, CMS integration and custom digital marketing services. 

You can opt for a 30 minutes free introduction session provided by Edkent Media where it introduces its strategies on how to successfully crack reputation marketing, outsourced marketing, growth marketing, branding and traffic generation. UpCity, Reuters, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Tech Crunch, and the Huffington Post are some of the media channels where Edkent Media have been featured in headlines. 

Social Media 55

Established in 2014, Social Media has won 4 titles so far including UpCity Excellence Award Winner 2019, The Clutch 1000 Global 2018, Top Social Media Agencies Spotter 2019, and Top B2B Companies Clutch Global 2018. As its name suggests, Social Media 55 manages brands on social media channels including Google My Business, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook. 

The chief services of Social Media 55 are email marketing, Instagram management campaign, search engine optimization, pay per click management, content marketing services, social media advertising, branding and media, UX UI, video production, word press services, non profit marketing, franchise marketing, political campaigns, automotive marketing, law firm marketing and web design and development.

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BrandLume is a SaaS SEO agency for marketing, development and branding. BrandLume has a history of client retention rate of 96%. While 92% of its clients claim that they have observed a 2X increment in revenue of their online business. BrandLume allows you to customize features and pay for what you use with decent customer support. You are free to cancel the contract whenever you want by giving a 30 days notice to BrandLume. 

It offers three kinds of services including marketing, branding, and website development. Under marketing hub, it offers SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, social media retention, and video production. 

While on branding hub, BrandLume provides brand identity design, custom logo design, marketing collateral design, brand style guide design, and product packaging design services. At last, its website design services hub provides website design and development, website optimization and maintenance, landing page, website hosting, and domain name registration services. 

Brand & Mortar

Established in 2011, Brand & Mortar is a digital marketing agency in Toronto profited hundreds of online businesses in their career. It has won the titles of Best business of 2019 by Excellence and Top advertising and marketing agencies workhouse 2020 by Clutch. 

The list of services provided by Brand and Mortar includes brand marketing and marketing strategies, content marketing and public relations, social media and pay per click advertising, mobile application development, website design and website development, creative, graphic design and communication, video production and video marketing, on page SEO, local SEO, link building, content writing and email marketing. 

BragDeal Inc.

BragDeal Inc. is another SaaS SEO agency delivering SEO services from the last 40 years. It believes in transparency between clients and agencies to make them aware of the progress happening with the company by the agency’s efforts. 

The major service provided by BragDeal Inc. includes website design and development, website maintenance, branding, search engine optimization, and video animation. BragDeal Inc. also assists you in winning the social media game across social media channels like Facebook through PPC or Google Ads.

Wrapping Up

Hence this was all about the best SaaS SEO companies in Canada. A decent SEO agency is crucial to take your online SEO business to new heights. You can opt for any of the above mentioned agencies according to your needs and preferences.