Loosing your data can happen anytime because of technical issues. Technical issues are something that we have all faced in certain points in our life. We know how horrible it is to loose important data we have in our computers or phones. So having a backup software is so important. Everytime your machine looses it’s stability and cheats you by loosing your data, there comes these backup software as saviours. These software restores your data without loosing any of them. 

1.Nakivo Nakivo

Nakivo is one application where it fetches your lost data rapidly. It’s gives you instant backup of data on demand. They have also improved their software such that the backup performance is better than ever. It’s easy to use UI is the best option of everything. The built in disaster recovery solution fetches your lost data in less than a second. Affordable service featuring best services is nakivo. Nakivo promises high reliability of backups and replicas of files. A free trial is available in theri official site. It’s also super easy to install the application as it can be installed within a minute. The application also allows you to create additional copies of the original files for additional reliability. 


Backblaze is also another backup software that allows you to recover your lost data. This software allows unlimited backup at a very affordable cost. The software also allows you to keep your old files over a year. Thereby making all your files safe and secure. Automatic backup of your data allows you to access them anywhere, anytime. All your data are backed up in cloud which is more easy to access. Backblaze has restored the files of 30 billion people across the world. The software has the option of locating your computer is stolen or lost. You can get a free trial of the software in their official site.


Carbonite allows automatic cloud data to rescue all your data. Your data is with you all the time when you have Carbonite. It is easy to install and configure so that it runs automatically when installed. The software contains backup software and unlimited cloud storage. The software also protects files such as photos,tax forms , music and video files. The software is well capable of recovering files from any web connected device. The speciality of this software is that it acts as a defense for all ransome attacks, hardware failure and laptop loss or theft. 

4.Nova Backup

Nova backup All your valuable data will be backed up in cloud with Nova backup. The first 5 gb is complete free which can be used as trial. The windows backup that they are providing safeguards your data with the most safest military-grade, 256-bit AES encryption. You can schedule your back that happens automatically. The software also protects you filed from hardware failures. Their speciality is that they don’t provide you with a list of guidelines or help lines to follow but they are backed up with a group of experts who listen to your queries regarding the software anytime you want. If you are not satisfied with their service they promise to return your money safely within thirty days. 

5.Retrospect Backup

Retrospect is one software that protects your device and data. They also take care that you don’t loose any of your email data aswell. It supports more than 20 cloud supporting apps. There three versions of this software- home, standard and pro. It’s of simple user interface and offers fast backup. There is something called as mirror backup available in this software that enables you to create regular backups without having the need to restore them.