CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a proposition between the company and its current or potential customers in order to strengthen their relationship for further smooth interaction. The concept was formed in the early 1970s when customer satisfaction has to be evaluated in surveys annually. CRM uses data analysis to find out a customer’s relationship history with the company which helps in the improvement of business relationships. CRM compiles data from different communication channels like company websites, telephones, email and social media. The primary goal of CRM is to maintain a stable connection between the customers and company to improve profitability. It helps in finding customers, winning over them and continuing a business relationship with them which allows your company to grow. 

CRM software is now handy and an essential component for companies as it allows to store important details, contacts, recruitments and marketing that essentially allow a company to reach the heights of success. With easy access to data and information, it is easy to connect instantly with the customers and helps in speedy interactions with them. Whether it’s small or big, companies usually find it harder to store and process all the information. CRM helps in providing up-to-date information, it makes the access to information easy on your fingertips, unclogs the data received and shows an overview of the customers. CRM allows users to solve any problems or inquiries across channels without the data getting lost. Here is a list of 5 best CRM for your company.


Zoho is a CRM that authorizes a global network of more than 150,000 business partnerships in 180 countries which helps in the smooth interaction with the customers. It possesses a simple and straightforward interface which allows users to interact with the software easily. It is flexible and has month-to-month contracts supported by transparent pricing plans. It also allows the usage of Migration wizard which helps the user to easily import data from spreadsheets or other CRM systems thereby helping to reduce the stress of manual entry of data. Zoho is available for both i0S and Android phones.

2.Apptivo CRM

Apptivo is an all in one solution that is affordable for all business enterprises. It is customizable, intuitive and powerful. This CRM starts at 8$ per month for its premium edition, nevertheless it stands out as one among the best CRM apps as it gives a custom tailored model to its users. Apptivo offers a free plan, Premium and Ultimate plans which are paid. Apptivo offers more functionality because it is user friendly. Apptivo does offer a free trial for 30 days. Apptivo is designed in such a way that it provides a complete 360 degree view of the customers and its users.


Launched in 2014, this CRM practically offers to provide 100% free services to customers for lifelong. Like any other CRM software, it allows fast transaction of data and reports which allows for the smooth functioning of the company. It allows features like live chat, email templates, scheduling, click to call functionality and more to the users. It is pretty simple to set up and is equally good for small and mid-size businesses.  Free versions of the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub products are available in Hubspot.


This CRM ted in New York, this CRM software strives to deliver quality contents to its users. It has the best platform for productive enterprises which helps in the smooth workflow management and insights. Users can organize their works using the Gantt chart, which is a type of a bar chart that helps in the illustration of a project schedule. Its interface allows users to easily view and edit what other members are doing. The availability of reusable templates saves time. Its inbuilt messaging tool allows for faster interaction with the customers. It is easily accessible on desktops, iOS and Android.


This CRM is mainly designed for small and medium sized businesses across a range of sectors. It has offices in Canada, England and Australia and has helped over 120,000 companies in increasing their sales boost. This CRM comes with an affordable price. It also provides 30 days free trial and assures money back guarantee.