Enterprise Resource Planning is a process management software that lets an organization use a network of integrated applications to administer the business and manage back office operations. Here are 5 best free open source ERP software for manufacturing.


EasyERP is the latest ERP application that comes as a Freemium version that requires a host which supports node.js and mongodb. EasyERP has an open source free as well as a Saas Version specially designed for eCommerce merchants. Order processing and Inventory management have become much simpler with EasyERP. EasyERP also manages all orders through a dedicated app available on PlayStore.


After the fall of corporate sponsors of Adempiere , Idempiere was born. Packed with all features of ERP similar to its predecessors Adempiere and Compiere, Idempiere is a robust solution with even more efficient warehousing and payroll features. This software is built on Java, so all you need is a host that supports Java.


If you are looking for a Python or Javascript based ERP software, then ODOO is the right option. With highly advanced standards of Open Source Software, Odoo is the best in market in terms of User Interface. Formerly named as OpenERP/TinyERP, Odoo has all the features of ERP and CRM tool put together. Odoo has a large community wherein users post a lot of questions and answers, so you don’t have to search anywhere else to solve your queries.


Dollibar comes with a downloadable ERP package that runs on almost any webhost available in the market. Based on PHP/mySQL, has a lot of features in addition to ERP cum CRM tool such as project management, payment gateway interactions and so on. There are a lot of apps available on PlayStore for Dollibar, letting you manage your business on the go. Dollibar also has a website, where you can find all the essential plugins and extensions required during installation.


WebERP is a robust yet simple ERP tool in the market, used by millions of users worldwide. All you need is PHP/mySQL based host and you are good to go. Complicated processes like Fixed Assets Management Flow, manufacturing has become a piece of cake with WebERP. WebERP is an open source software for which a mobile client can be built easily so that you can manage your business processes from your smartphone.