The first thought which might run into our minds when we hear construction company is that the company only has to deal with finding the site and constructing as per the demands of the company. But the fact that construction company only has to deal with construction is not true. Managing the capital wisely, keeping proper records of how the capital is used, salary for the employees, finding out ways so that the profit increases are all part of the job in a construction business. This is to say that construction companies have to tackle both the operational tasks as well as accounting through a variety of stages in order for the company to be successful. 

Having a strong and capable accounting software is just as important as having a good financial team to support the company’s development in all aspects. They’ve got your back right from accounting your financials and bring the best out your budget. 

  1. Jonas construction

Jonas construction company was founded in 1990 and is successful from then on. They are successful in building an integrated software and remain as a best business companions for the rest of our lives. They’ve got your back right from accounting your financials and bring the best out of your budget. They take complete responsibility for updating your financial books with clear data. The software enables the service managers to efficiently run the services keeping in mind the profit of the customer. The project managers at Jonas construction are good at having a complete view of the project and thereby providing all the customers needs from bid to completion. The software also gives access to all the necessary tools to increase productivity and improve the bottom line. They integrate their services according to customer’s infrastructure and gives  IT professionals more data to access to successfully complete their biding.

  1. Quick measure onscreen

Since the old paper prints have taken a form of digital format, quick measure onscreen has all the provision of getting the job done with the help of quick measure onscreen. Quick measure is is compatible with all kinds of digital plan files that makes it easier to use. A completely free full version of the software is available for free. The software is capable of serving both large and small contractors. It just takes 15 minutes to run the software and generate takeoffs with quick measure onscreen.

  1. B2W Estimate

The E2W Estimate plays a role of a complete centralised platform of database with updated data cost and has specialised function of creating bids. The database is complete user friendly that enables user to estimate the construction logic. Tracking of export and import projects can also be overviewed through B2W. The bid forms can be customised thereby allowing content flexibility . B2W Estimate saves the data automatically after each task is completed so that the user doesn’t looses any data. Speed, accuracy, consistent and strategic insight is all about E2W Estimate.

  1. Winex Master

Winex master is gives the estimators with perfect accuracy and professionally compatible platform to create bids. 3-d strata maps are their specialty that gives you a advanced look of your site. The software enables you to work from both plan view and profile view meanwhile allowing you to alternation between the separate scales. The software also allows you to determine cut and fill required to balance the site and thereby allowing you to reduce import and export cost.  Even altering changes with transparency in order to work with updated data is easy with winex master.

  1. Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Primavera P6 enterprise project portfolio management is based on cloud base management. The software allows you to plan, manage , control large scale programs and also controlling individual projects. It allows you balance the resource capacity for better management of the bids. Tracking the process and allocation of the resource is easy through this software. The software enables to foster team collaboration for better handling of the bids Primavera is one prominent project management software that is owned by oracle. The software is designed prolifically to handle multiple bids and projects. The software can handle upto10,000 project with maximum number of targets that can be achieved.. On the whole, Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management makes your job easy.