Leading a life without any problem can be impossible, but creating software without any bugs can be done if proper attention is given. Only by checking the software coding line by line forest can help us creating error free software. But it will be like searching for a diamond in a dark forest. Now, the work is made easier by the help of Bug fixing software, just install it and enjoy its benefits.

Some of the features of these software are listed below:

  • It can uncover errors in the software
  • It can demonstrate whether the software behaves according to the specification.
  • It helps us to verify whether performance requirements with our needs.
  • It can prove to be a good indication of software reliability and its quality.
  • It saves our time by finding the bugs before it goes to its final stage.

The basic steps done by a bug fixing software are:

  • Identify the bug.
  • Find the reason of the bug.
  • Then, try to get a solution for the bug to be cleared.
  • Apply the solution.
  • Retest the software, to check whether it still exists or not.

Features of some of the most common bug fixing software are given below. Try to explore it and find the one which may fix your company’s needs.


Bugzilla is a very well-understood and well-thought-out natural bug resolution protocol. It comes with advanced search solutions and high security. We can even save our searches and view or share it afterwards.


Jira software can also serve as tracking software in addition to its bug fixing feature.  It allows us to do a quick search and also has the option of recovering the data. It has unlimited custom fields and is available onDemand in cloud. It is well suited for all size of companies.

Lean Testing

Lean Testing comes with 1Tb of storage and can give us the fastest bug report. It gives us information like status of our project, its completion time, etc. It takes customers suggestions and evolves itself as per the needs of the customers i.e., it is updated regularly.


Mantis allows us to get notified easily through emails and is easy to access. It comes with HTTP Basic Authentication Support. It can also be accessed through smart devices and comes with twitter integration,allowing us to get monitor updates.


Bug Host can be installed easily and we can change our services depending on our needs. It can serve small and medium sized businesses. It increases productivity and improves quality through its keen defect detecting feature. Though commercial, it is affordable. To tell somebody that they are wrong is called as criticism. But to do so officially, is called as testing. Testing someone’s personal life might be wrong but testing software will be never wrong. It is a must. Through this we may know the flaws of our software project. There are many levels of detecting a bug in your software, but the sooner you get it, the lesser you pay for it. So, don’t hesitate in investing for a bug tracking software. Get it and make your product’s quality to reach heights and gets appreciation from everyone.