A POS system is important in a restaurant for eliminating order errors, keeping track of orders that were sold during the day, billing and accounting, streamlining operations and more. A POS system includes all of the hardware and software combined from a basic PC to a cash drawer and a credit card processing system.


With POSONE Systems, data recovery and maintenance is as easy as ABC. POSONE Systems offers a variety of service features that suit the restaurant structure in Dubai. Aware of UAE regulations and suited for the billing process in Dubai, POSONE helps offer one of the best restaurant POS systems.

2. Oversee POS

Powerful accounting software, simple tracking of orders, detailed reports and analytics, CRM tools and user-friendly dashboards are the most highlighted features of Oversee POS.

3. Vermont Technologies

 Vermont Technologies offers advanced technology software solutions that cater to the needs of customers in a smooth and efficient manner. From cash and revenue management to take away management, Vermont technologies is an all-rounder when it comes to setting up restaurant POS systems.

4. Cloudmesoft

 Cloudmesoft is a hassle-free fast solution that specializes in restaurant POS systems in Dubai. From providing supermarket POS to retail and wholesale POS software systems, cloudmesoft ensures smooth billing and collections in all restaurants and cafes as well. A flexible and customizable software solution, Cloudmesoft POS system stands as one of Dubai’s best restaurant POS systems.

5. Alpha UAE

 With easy-to-use features, flexible, automatic and easy-to-manage interface, Alpha UAE has an automated billing system that has a firm ground in the restaurant POS systems in Dubai. Alpha UAE has a customizable POS system along with hundreds of features that are very much useful for restaurants.


Knowing how cash is flowing in helps a business grow faster by identifying where the profits are coming in and where the losses are the most. Restaurant POS systems help simplify the book keeping and accounting processes in multi-fold. Restaurant POS automates all restaurant operations involving billing and tracking and reduces the effort of hiring separate employees for each department. Choosing the best restaurant POS system for your hotel is a good start to see growth in business.