Optometrists are people who diagnose a range of eye diseases and cure them. Optometry has a huge scope in India and abroad. Doing a master’s degree after a bachelor’s degree in optometry will expose the student a wide range of research based and theoretical knowledge of a wide range of subjects in the field of optometry. It’s always believed that doing a master’s degree is a beginning of new careers. To stand relatively in a competitive field like optometry, pursuing an master’s program in optometry is always well and good.

  1. MSc optometry

Optometrists are primary health care takers of our eyes.  Therefore doing a master’s degree in optometry is always well and good. During this course students will be exposed to the area such as refractive conditions , optical aids, orthotics and a lot more. Students can also specialise in areas such as  pediatric optometry, behavioral optometry, sports vision, etc. Students can become optometrist, lab technicians, medical representatives, vision consultant and a lot more. They can also become professor in colleges.

  1. MSc in visual science

Visual science is a broad growing field. This field deals with the advanced studies and research in visual system. The course primarily prepares students to succeed in ophthalmic industries. In this course students will know a lot about lenses, optics, ocular disease, binocular vision and a lot more on visual system. After graduating master’s in visual science , students can work in hospitals, lens production units, become researcher, optical consultant. As this is a growing field there are very few colleges that offer this course but then the field has a lot of scope in future.

  1. MBA

It’s always possible and ideal to star your own business. But a bachelor’s degree will give you less knowledge of business and that’s why you can go for a MBA program. Starting up a optical store is one of the options after bsc optometry but lack of business education can lead to loss. Pursuing a MBA will help you with profitability and growth. Thereby expanding your business can become easy. You can learn to practice professional potential by graduating MBA. MBA courses are also cost effective and are popularly offered by all colleges.

  1. MSc ophthalmic technology

MSc in ophthalmic technology is a two year course . It’s a challenging course where students are taught care patient’s eyes and the prescribe the right products for them. They are basically the health care workers of our eyes.Bharati Vidyapeeth University,Birla Institute Of Technology and Science are few colleges in India that offers this course.  After graduating the course students can find jobs with ophthalmologist, clinical outlets, contact lens labs, and optical outlets. One can also set up their own optical store which is a good way of start your own business .

  1. Msc in clinical research

This course gives an extensive knowledge about clinical research. This course helps you to become a good researcher who satisfies the needs of medical industry. This course is a job oriented course of two year where you have to send your course with an internship. After completing this course you can becomes a drug safety officer,Clinical Research Investigator,Regulatory Affairs personnel, Medical Writers, etc. The course will introduce to some of the subjects like Fundamentals of clinical operations,Pharmaceutical Biotechnology,Reporting & Medical Writing and a lot more.