Being a programmer is an extremely popular current trend. Thousands of students from all over the globe try to cope with the intricate science of writing codes or creating a superb web design. Not everyone is going to succeed. The thing is that programming requires constant studying and developing skills. If you want to be a good programmer, you should be ready to face difficulties and challenges. 

It’s necessary to create unique and effective products to defeat competitors. If you don’t know where to start, think about must-have software. Much of the successful programming career depends on the right choice of software. The following 5 variants are of prime importance for both beginners and experienced programmers.

SQL Editor 

If you decide to become a programmer, you should understand that it’s not only about creating new games and developing an exciting web design. It’s about gathering, processing, and analyzing large amounts of data. One of the most effective tools for these purposes is SQL or Structured Query Language. It’s widely used in various business tools, music applications, social media platforms.   

SQL possesses copious advantages. It’s easy to use. Online editors have an intuitive interface. It’s good for building, running, and editing online queries. SQL has its own markup. The concept of tables is another significant feature of this language.

Nowadays there are many available SQL database systems. The most popular of them are Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle DB. Each of them has a definite set of options. Yet, you should be ready to pay for the use of the systems if you want to savor all the possibilities of the editors. It’s up to you to choose the most appropriate variant in accordance with your needs, desires, and skills. 

IDE or Integrated Development Environment

To meet the calling of our time, it’s important to be able to work with various programming languages. IDE is an efficient tool that helps programmers to consolidate various aspects of creating a new product. It often encompasses such options as syntax highlighting, autocomplete, building executables, debugging. Some of the variants also include a compiler and interpreter. It’s possible to find both commercial samples and open-source ones. 

IDE is a must when it comes to improving the productivity of the developers. The most popular software of this type is NetBeans, Eclipse, Lazarus, and Sharp Develop. 


You can hardly find a programmer who has never used Atom. It’s a powerful open-source text editor. It’s the best choice for fast and efficient code writing. The main advantage of this software is that it’s free. Yet, it doesn’t affect the number of available options and the productivity of the tool. Atom works well with diverse operating systems. It’s possible to set multiple panels in order to work with several files at the same time. It’s worth mentioning that Atom always runs with the newest version of Chromium.   


Docker is an awesome software for developing, shopping, and running applications. This tool allows you to reduce infrastructure resources. You save money on server costs and its maintenance. Programmers are fond of Docker while it allows them to analyze and fix bugs within applications fast and easy. The tool functions well on any device and operating system. This software provides you total control over traffic flow and management. 


The task of programmers is not only to create a good product. They have to maintain it and improve its productivity. It means it’s necessary to monitor and analyze how this or that product works. For these purposes, many variants of software are created. Pingdom is one of the most effective ones. It provides uptime, RUM, synthetic monitoring. It’s also possible to download an app and monitor it via mobile phone.

The above-mentioned software should be experienced by every programmer who wants to achieve good results. Yet, sometimes it happens that it’s difficult to cope with this or that programming task. The reasons may be different. Someone lacks time. Others do not have the necessary knowledge and skills. Even the best software is useless if the programmer doesn’t understand where and how to apply it. It’s not the reason to give up programming, however. 

Programming Experts

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