ems help hotels solve their managerial issues by going digital. Hotelogix comes with new integrations and interfaces that help manage your hotels better. With a well-structured Project Management System (PMS), Hotelogix helps integrate third party applications with your software. This is timesaving as well as cost saving in many ways. Having control of all functions in one platform by maintaining a centralized system of management is one eye-catchy feature of Hotelogix. This PMS has a few features that make their system stand out in the crowd and do wonders for hotels. The five reasons why Hotelogix is the best solution for hotel management are:

1.    Automation

Depending on manual calculations and analysis, including sales and marketing, involves insurmountable manpower. This in-turn leads to increased costs and reduced efficiency. By automating basic hotel operations like product support, property maintenance, report generation and managing reservations, Hotelogix offers a greater advantage for hoteliers to look after other important factors that cannot be automated.

2.  Cloud-Based PMS


Data is now growing larger with more people using hotel services. Customer data maintenance, employee management, etc., takes large databases which are difficult to maintain. Hotelogix is a cloud-based hotel management system, which allows data access from anywhere, anytime. Data is stored in the cloud and can be retrieved multiple times from any device. Mobile apps and websites make it easier for hoteliers to access data anywhere anytime.

3.  Multiple Support

Hotelogix offers multiple properties. This software application is available in multiple currencies. Offering training support that includes Documentation, Webinars, Chat support, Live Online as well as representatives, Hotelogix focuses on customer satisfaction, providing relief for hoteliers.

4. Flexibility

The ‘Pay As You Go’ feature of Hotelogix allows flexible online payments, which paves the way for quality Hotel management systems with affordable prices. Hotelogix is a cloud based PMS that has pay-per-use features that benefits small hoteliers when their business fluctuates from time to time. Moreover, a one-time hefty payment is not forced on customers and they are split into multiple subscription plans based on their requirement. Since data is managed on the cloud, customers are given the privilege of accessing software from anywhere they desire, and on any platform that possesses an internet connectivity.

5. Reservation Management

Integrating with Travel Agencies is a highlighted benefit of Hotelogix as they provide a platform to manage their business strategies. This software provides commission management, track travel agent details and manage payments. Easy storage of credit card details of travel agents for better payments and for direct bookings is a feature that cannot be looked past. Like every other hotel management system, Hotelogix has a basic check-in as well as check-out features, inclusive of bookings management which makes it a win-win solution for both customers as well as hoteliers.

Why Hotelogix?

Hotelogix incorporates all basic functions of a hotel management system and lays out all necessities in one plate. Features including front desk operations, point of sale systems, housekeeping, online payments and better user experiences make Hotelogix a high-class technology that stands at an affordable price. Customizing existing features to suit your hotel needs, be it large or small, is a very user-friendly feature that engages all businesses. Hotelogix syncs with all staff works in order to ensure smooth flow of business operations. Changes that occur in any function, including house keeping as well as administration aorded. Report generation is a basic, yet advanced feature where over hundreds of reports are tracked, analyzed and recorded in this software. Hotelogix provides subscription plans where unlimited users can register in the basic plan that they possess.

Is Hotelogix right for your Business?

It is important to analyze which Hotel Management software is right for your business. Amongst the enormous features that Hotelogix presents, the features that are most significant for your business are the ones to consider. Each hotel has a different management strategy. Although Hotelogix has different  pricing plans and schemes labeled as ‘Premium’ and ‘Enterprise’, the plans having differentiating features are the ones to scrutinize and decide. One hotel management software differs from the other in terms of price, features and flexibility. Is Hotelogix the one for your hotel?