In the corporate sector, employees have to work hard for their job and give in long hours at their offices. They have to follow orders and meet deadlines. Doing the same work every day can take a toll on the employees’ physical and mental health. Moreover, following the same routine every day results in a very monotonous lifestyle.

 This monotony can lead to low morale, which leads to low productivity by the staff members. To end this constant cycle of work, everyone needs a break from the daily grind. This break should not only be relaxing but fun and recreational as well! A gap like this will help them rejuvenate and make their professional and personal lives better!   

One recreational activity that is gaining extreme popularity in the corporate sector is Escape Rooms. Escape rooms are a 60-minute adventurous activity that is perfect for corporate outings! Want to know why? Keep on reading the article to discover more!  

  1. An escape room is a fun, team-activity:- The most primary reason we say that virtual escape rooms are perfect for corporate outings is that escape rooms are an entertaining activity. Corporate Outings are meant to relax and refresh the employees, and escape rooms can easily do that! Along with being fun, escape rooms are meant to be played with a team. It serves a dual purpose. The game requires people to put their brains together and solve puzzles and riddles as a group. To ace the escape game, a vast skill-set is necessary that a single person might not possess. But, indeed, a team can! Hence, in an escape room, one member cannot outshine the whole group, and all the members of the team have to work together to solve the mystery and escape successfully. It makes an escape room a perfect outing for a corporate setting.  
  1. Escape rooms boost the staff members’ productivity:-  People are more productive when they are not tired or overworked. If employees feel good about their mental health, they will have higher morale. This increased morale at work leads to the employees being more likely to do more efficient pace, which increases productivity and is very profitable for the company as well!  
  1. Escape rooms help build a more cohesive team:- Team building activities are a prevalent tool to create a more energetic and more productive team. The conventional form of corporate team-building exercises included weekend retreats, evening dinners, and short vacations. The leaders of every company know that a cohesive team is equivalent to better performance by the staff. Team building activities can help them achieve that. An escape room is a team-building activity that brings people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork among the members. Escape room games require communication; working with one another and even relying on each other will enable the employees to build relationships during the game, and this, in turn, will help the employees to get to know each other better. Team performance is always better if all the team members are familiar with every member’s strengths and weaknesses!  A strong team is the one that is cohesively working together towards a common goal and giving their one hundred percent to achieve it. To create a cohesive group like this, each employee should have strong bonds with one another. Fun activities like escape rooms can aid in this process. It is because escape rooms enable the staff members to see each other differently and in a different setting. In an escape room, everyone sees each other as an ally whose common goal is to unravel the mystery and win the game. An environment like this helps in fostering a genuine connection and more in-depth discussions among the employees. This connection can then be transferred into their professional lives and result in a stronger staff team!  
  1. Escape rooms improve the interaction skills of the staff:- In the workplace, employees have problems to solve together. To solve problems efficiently, communicating with one another is essential. Unfortunately, one of the most significant issues in an office is unclear communication or communication among the employees or between the employees and the bosses. Escape rooms help in cultivating effective communication within the workplace. The escape room offers a unique opportunity for employees to work together to solve an immediate problem that is in front of them. For that, they must listen and communicate effectively with each other. A majority of the puzzles require teamwork to decipher clues and find the answers. It is only possible if the team members have a connection with each other. This connection is essential to keep each other updated or to check in about what everyone is doing. This communication ease and a sense of working together to achieve a common goal will then transition to the workplace, and the day-to-day tasks will begin running in a much smoother manner.   
  1. Escape rooms improve the problem-solving skills of the staff members:-  Work at the office is often repetitive. This monotonous lifestyle leads to employees getting bored. It is not suitable for a business/ work as it reduces the problem-solving skills of the employees. It is the reason why the bosses should ensure that employees are energized and engaged. It is where escape rooms come in. Escape games require a lot of abilities, like critical thinking and solid problem-solving skills. The puzzles are challenging, and they will challenge your employees’ creativity and ability to think outside the box. The escape game encourages the staff members who are playing the game to think critically both in the room and in the workplace, to find instant solutions for whatever issues they may face while performing a task in their job. While testing and enhancing their mental skills, escape rooms will also prove to be fun and a source of recreation for them. 

What’s stopping you now? Schedule a team-building activity and book your favorite themed escape room now!