When street parking is not available, drivers usually go to the parking lot to keep their vehicles secure. With a lot of people relying on their cars as a primary mode of transportation, businesses involving cars have flourished as well.

A parking lot is a high income-generating business, but due to competition, your profit might be affected. Here are some ways on how you can improve your parking lot business, so you’ll stand out from others:

1.    Offer a valet service

If you’re running a business parking lot in busy areas, people tend to choose parking lots with valet service so they won’t waste their time waiting and looking for spaces to put their vehicles. If you want to generate more clients, adapt CVPS’s Valet Parking Solution.

An updated valet parking system allows the driver to have a hassle-free transaction. All they need to do is to use the app connected to the parking lot’s system, request to avail the service, and your vehicle will be promptly attended by valet drivers.

 Moreover, you don’t have to worry about finding the designated area where you have to pay your parking ticket since they even made it easier through cashless transactions.

2.    Strengthen your security

Sometimes, criminal violence such as car theft happens in parking lots. Although the management will not be liable for the lost items or the car, it can negatively affect your business reputation.

To build customer satisfaction, you need to install CCTVs in the entire perimeter of your parking lot. This is to make your clients reassured that their vehicles and valuable items are secured. Strengthening your security features using technology will also help your staff in fulfilling their responsibilities. Moreover, it makes your business more competent if you’ll offer overnight parking options, and generate more profit.

3.    Provide services that make parking more convenient

Taking advantage of an automated ticketing system will provide more convenience to your clients. It’s faster and efficient compared to the traditional pen and paper type of ticketing. Make use of parking cards so that the driver won’t lose it.

You can also:

  • Use automated parking space counter.
    If you’re dealing with a multi-level parking lot, a digital space counter will
    inform your customers if there are still available parking space, and avoid
    wasting time just to find one.

  • Light sensors can also ease up the
    convenience when finding for an empty spot. But make sure that these sensors
    still work, since you don’t want your customers to be disappointed if they saw
    a car under a parking space with a space indicator that tells it’s empty.

  • You can even provide shuttle
    services for customers who’ll avail overnight parking rates, just in case they
    need to go somewhere else. This service is essential if your business is near
    bus stations and airports.

4.    Administer maintenance services

Nobody wants to park their car in a parking lot that is not well-maintained. The overall look of your establishment also reflects your reputation. To attract more clients, you also have to consider the maintenance activities your business needs.

  • If there are dents or cracks in the
    pavement, you have to attend and fix it. Small bumps or cracks in your cemented
    parking floor should be checked as soon as possible to avoid any accidents or
    further cracks from happening.

  • You can also invest in rubberized
    paints of parking grounds to create traction, thus, preventing tire slips and
    accidents related to it.

  • You also need to maintain lines to
    designate parking spaces properly. Car owners need to see the edges so that
    they won’t be eating up area for other vehicles to use. Traffic markings and
    exit signs are included so that the flow of traffic will run smoothly.

5.    Provide adequate lighting

A well-lit parking space makes it appear to be safe and secure than those that aren’t. Make sure that your parking lot has adequate lighting so that the security and even the CCTV footages are properly documented. It will also prevent robbers and thieves from penetrating your property and do evil deeds. You can also install reflectors in intersections and even in the pavement.

Final thoughts:

To be competent in the parking space business, you have to upgrade your system and services using technology. You also need to properly maintain the property so you’ll attract more customers to avail your service. A successful business in this field should not only think of getting profit, but the safety and security of the clients as well.