If you are an HR director, you probably already know that manual spreadsheets used as recruitment tools are on their way out. While you may be eager to replace these old tedious processes with more efficient ones, you may wonder how such a transition can be done smoothly. Most importantly, with what do you replace these old methods? 

That is where recruitment management software comes into play. Here are five ways that this software can help ease the burden off your HR department:

1. Adapt to multiple different job posting platforms 

There is no standard platform for posting a job. As such, you might find yourself using several different job boards, employment services, and social media to advertise for one position. All of these platforms have their own unique formats. 

Recruiting management software (RMS) excels at making use of these different platforms. Specifically, it allows you to post a position across all platforms in just a single click. It also consolidates responses in an easily manageable file. 

Other features may include resume scanning to weed out unqualified candidates. That way, you can focus on resumes and candidates that best match your needs

2. Find passive candidates with ease

It might help to know that 73% of all viable candidates are considered passive; most of them end up in their positions simply because their skills are in high demand. Because these candidates are not actively seeking out jobs like yours, you need a tool to sniff them out more easily. Fortunately, hire track software makes that possible. 

Inbound marketing is a feature designed to capture the attention of professionals who are casually perusing your website. That way, you can attract a wider range of applicants, including those who might not even know to come searching for you.

3. Enjoy smoother interview processes

Remembering to cover everything in an interview is easy if you are conducting just one interview. If you have 20 different candidates to juggle in just one round of interviews, things can get more complicated quickly. 

That is why the best hire track software offers interview materials and scorecards to keep you on track and impartial during every interview. What’s more, video applications allow third-party and distance conferencing while still being incorporated into a candidate’s file. Since all of this piece of information is in one place, it makes the review of candidates’ application materials more seamless.

4. Track communications with applicants

One of the most attractive features of recruiting software is its dashboard. This single interface contains all of a candidate’s communication and documentation. It allows employers to compare candidates directly, which makes the decision-making process quick and comprehensive. Hiring managers can even share files and notes with others involved in the hiring process, ensuring an objective and data-driven process. 

Another important tracking feature is the system’s ability to warn employers and candidates if the information is incomplete or does not fulfill a requirement. This guarantees that no candidate gets overlooked simply because a small part of the application is missing. 

5. Experience more efficient onboarding

Good software will ensure that new hires start on time by automating some of the more tedious and time-consuming aspects of onboarding. This includes collecting important documentation from new hires and ensuring that information concerning benefits, taxes, certifications, and training are processed carefully.   

The best hire track software will even connect an employee’s onboarding information to the company portal and their business email. That way, employees will receive important alerts directly in their inbox.

Hire track software: Smoother hiring for all

The main objective of hire track software is to streamline the hiring process for everyone involved. Employers do not enjoy having to sift through endless resumes and applicants do not appreciate deafening silences between communications with hiring managers. For easier hiring, adopt hire track software today.