We can all use a little bit more money, right? But sadly money doesn’t just appear (that would be a neat trick though). In order to make a little money, you’ll have to put in time and effort. And now there are many ways you can make money from your phone without leaving the comfort of your home. But you cannot look at these apps as a quick way to get rich. In fact, earning any money will require a significant time commitment.


You can use MyPoints to make money in a variety of ways like watching movies, reading emails, playing games, and taking surveys. You also earn reward points for online and in-store shopping and dining out at participating retailers and restaurants. Joining MyPoints is free, and once you sign up, you earn a $10 bonus. But there’s a caveat … Once you join MyPoints, you have to spend $20 or more at one of its partners within the first 30 days of your membership. Any points you earn can be redeemed via Amazon and Visa gift cards, and you can also use rewards as travel miles through your United Mileage Plus account.


Survey apps are on the rise, and why not? They’re fun, and are a good way to kill some time, all while you’re making a little money. With i-Say, you earn 45 to 200 points for each survey you fill out. Even if you’re screened out, you’ll still earn 5 points, but you won’t get a reason why you were disqualified. Depending on your answers during the sign-up process, you’ll receive email notifications about surveys you can complete. There’s also a loyalty program in place that rewards its most loyal users. You can redeem points via PayPal but that requires at least 1,530 points (100 points equal $1) in your account and takes up to 3 weeks before your PayPal balance is updated.


Ibotta is a cash back rewards app that puts money in your pocket for any purchase you make whether online or going to a store (do people still do that?). The company has agreements with more than 1,500 retailers and brands, allowing you to earn cash rewards whether you’re buying groceries or electronics. You can earn this extra money through your phone or a browser extension. Simply make the purchase and Ibotta will let you know when you can save money on your purchase and instantly connect your purchase to your account. Going to a store requires uploading receipts for your cash back. The app can be linked to Paypal, Venmo, Wells Fargo, American Express, Bank of America, or other bank accounts to withdraw earnings. 

Price Protection (formerly Paribus)

Have you ever had an outburst after an item you’ve recently bought goes on sale? Price Protection aims to avoid just that. If an item goes on sale after you’ve bought it, Price Protection refunds you the difference. The app gets to work as soon as you sign up. It’ll start identifying recent purchases based on shipping and order confirmation emails found in your inbox. From there on, it continuously monitors and compares price changes for these items in real time. Once it detects an eligible claim, Price Protection engages with the retailer on your behalf and files a refund claim or provides you instructions on how to do it yourself.


Calling all window shoppers! If you love browsing stores without the intention of buying anything, Shopkick will reward you. There are different ways you can earn rewards, called “kicks.” You can scan barcodes of selected products by using the in-app scanner, watch videos or invite friends. If you do end up liking a product and buying it, that’ll earn you points as well. You can also earn points for every dollar spent at select partner stores when you shop with a linked credit card. Shopkick has partnered with major brands, including Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart and Best Buy, to name a few.


If you don’t mind going out, Gigwalk pays you to perform small tasks based on where you are located. You can find a gig near you once you download the app, and each listing includes the payment and location of the gig. Sometimes, a business may ask you a screener question. Once your answer has been accepted, you’ll be notified and provided with instructions. The app is linked to PayPal for payments.