Technology is developed to ease people. Similarly, when it comes to front desk support, hotel management software and room reservation system plays a vital role.  Just think of the hectic work they might have without this software. The employees are not able to sleep peacefully if they are in that situation. time management should be done properly to compete people in the industry. For example, number of customers who came to dine in, whether reserved tables are checked in or not, whether there is a good rapport between the customer and the employee. Why to be in risk when a software can decrease your burden, so my personal advice will be to choose one and install it, to enjoy a good night’s dreams

The features of the most commonly used softwares are listed below.You may choose an appropriate one which suits your needs and requirements.

Frontdesk anywhere:

This cloud based pm software improves client integration, with the employee and employers. With this software, we can extract details easily with high security and in a simpler manner. It also offers a free demo to people to start liking its features.


Guestpoint developed by Centium Software has won many awards because of its attractive feature. It gives us easy access of data even with slow Internet connectivity.It uses hybrid data engine and synchronizes the data automatically to its cloud, so backup option is readily available. It suits well for small and medium sized companies


It suits for all kinds of business range,right from start-ups to large businesses. It was developed by World Web Technologies.It is user friendly and works even in mobile phones. It has an excellent reservation management feature but it is available only in The United States.


Propertyware is an another cloud based software which comes with a built-in internal calendar, so we can sync our contact list and important details with it to make our plans. We can format our data into any type and transfer within seconds.The only disadvantage is that it gives us a limited data storage.It often suits for large companies.


Innroad uses computing power to run an application or deliver a service. It is a multiuser software and has 24/7 technical support.It is trusted by hundreds of independent hoteliers and has comprehensive reporting feature. It provides customized access with encrypted data storage.


Roommaster was developed by Innquest Software in the year 1994.  It is affordable for all kinds of business.It has links with overall 5000 clients.It is powerful and easy to use. It eliminates the need to re-enter data because of its integrated system.

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do. So I would request you to first decide and be single minded on criteria which you should avoid and then select a software which is best for you.Managing is an art which is very tough to understand so it may be difficult for you in the beginning to choose one and grow your company. But once you understand the trick you will master of it.

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