Why Classroom Management

Classroom management software has many advantages. From limiting access to certain websites for students when they use the internet to avoid distractions to providing engaging activities online, classroom management software can go a long way. With the increase in student population, it is becoming difficult to maintain records of their performance, scores, attendance and more. Gone are the days when everything involved paper work. Classroom management software helps rule out large files and huge lockers meant for storage. Some free open source classroom management software are maintained in the cloud, meaning you can now hold the entire history of a student who passed out many years ago. Quick searches make it a hassle-free and time saving process to retrieve student information. Here are a few software that help with classroom management:

1. ThinkBinder

Teachers and professors make notes that involve a plethora of creative ideas and facts to share with students. This tool helps share all the files and notes with students on a common platform. Projects can be created by assigning codes to individuals and separate projects as well. Easily accessed by teachers, ThinkBinder has a tracking tool to track progress of students.

2. Fedena

An admin open-source free software package, Fedena helps students, teachers and the administration as well. With easy management of exam schedules, tests, scores, time table, finance and other aspects, Fedena’s free version has a lot of features. More helpful on the administration side, Fedena comes with customizable reports too.

3. Edmodo

Education means bringing together parents, students and teachers as well. Haven’t we all dreamt of a communication platform for everyone? Edmodo did the right thing. Keeping parents updated on their children’s performance, sharing lesson plans and notes, Edmodo is common for all audience to access. Edmodo boasts a successful user rate of 48 million and their Google app makes it easier to submit applications and view more through mobile phones too.

4. Bubbl.us

Bubbl is a tool that helps generate new concepts, ideas and strategies that involve classroom training. Bubbl is a free open source tool that takes classroom planning online effectively. Bubbl is well-known as a mind-mapping and collaborative tool.

5. OpenSis Community

Schools can vary based on size. Some software can only accommodate small-sized schools. OpenSis Community is something different. Accommodating any size, this tool helps create reports, customize your app, handle scheduling and track attendance. Since this application is hard coded on PostgreSQL, it will definitely need trained professionals to operate the app.

6. Cacoo

Cacoo acts like a tool that helps with flowcharts, diagrams, cause and effect scenarios and more. This helps students be more corporate-ready when they are familiar with Cacoo. Cacoo lets students and teachers stay in touch even remotely. Integrating with Google Apps for Education exposes students to a wider range of academic programs.