With all kinds of businesses incorporating IT functionalities in their operations, the need to optimize and qualify the IT assets owned by a business or an organization increases, and this is efficiently achieved by the use of Asset Management Software.

Over the years, there has been a significant rise in the usage of these asset management software. The cost-friendly and scalable nature of open source asset management software has made them pretty popular in the IT market. IT asset management is defined as a set of business practices and principles that incorporates all IT assets across divisions and units within the organization. It joins the financial, inventory, contractual and risk management responsibilities, and thus manages the overall life cycle of these assets. These software are also responsible for strategic decision making.

IT asset management is also referred to as IT inventory management because the functionality of this software involves gathering all hardware and software inventory information. This data is then used to make strategic decisions about future IT purchases and how all the assets of the business are used.

Here we list the 7 best Open Source Asset Management Software

1. SysAid IT Asset Management:

SysAid was developed in 2002, and since then has expanded its customer as well as developer base very widely. Hence, regular updates keep coming up for this software and it is pretty much optimized in a lot of aspects by now. With SysAid’s asset management solution, users have complete access to all the standard features of a licensed ITAM software. These features include the ability to view all software and hardware assets at one dashboard, as well as the manufacturer details of all hardware devices such as computers, printers, and other networked devices. The software also provides remote control of devices (including mobile devices) on the company’s network. Its robust mechanism can provide automatic notifications of asset changes, and also the ability to create efficient management reports.

2. Spiceworks:

Spiceworks is an asset management software which allows integration with a helpdesk system, and thus provide the user with a seamless and easy interface, and does considerably a lot of functions. Spiceworks Network Monitor enables the user to monitor all servers and SNMP-enabled devices such as routers and switches, and even handheld devices. The USP of this software is that it is able to provide all features from just one dashboard. Spiceworks is also able to send automated email alerts to keep the user concerned with all critical issues. This software can create custom reports, and also efficiently analyse them to make asset forecasts. Spiceworks can regularly monitor all licenses, and alert when their renewal time comes. It can also create an inventory of all of the business’ cloud assets.

3. Freshservice:

Freshservice provides an easy to use interface, and enables the user to maintain IT asset records effectively. It can be used to maintain a business’ IT and non-IT assets like contracts, hardware, and software. The software also tracks these parameters throughout their life cycle. Freshservice employs efficient design and a strong backend to provide customer satisfaction relentlessly. It also comes with features like auto-discovery of new resources, and powerful configuration management.

4. EZOfficeInventory:

EZOfficeInventory manages all fixed, hardware and software assets across all business units and departments, by employing a cloud-based asset management technique. This software provides accurate results and predictions, and it has features such as updated checkout, service and location histories. EZOfficeInventory provides a brilliant and easy to use customer interface, and it uses actionable reports, which make purchasing decisions and business audits very easy, or rather, effortless. It allows you to track all software and hardware licenses & warranties very efficiently, and can also alert before any software or hardware asset expires. This software can schedule services, scan barcodes, QR Codes & RFID with mobile apps, . This software can also integrate with Zendesk to make IT Service Management even more efficient.

5. Device42:

Device42 provides seamless and efficient tracking and managing of all IT and non-IT assets of a business. Device42 software has a single functional dashboard, which enables companies to discover, visualize, and take relevant decisions to optimize their infrastructure and its interdependencies. Users are able to track full asset lifecycle, review and update software licenses, renew service contracts, view SSL Certificates, renewal reminders. All this is enabled by a very powerful and dynamic user interface. Device42 is also able to generate mobile-friendly barcodes & QR codes. THis is very powerful asset management software with additional features such as powerful reporting, a full audit trail, and an extensive RESTful API.

6. ManageEngine Asset Explorer:

This software is designed to track and manage ownership of all software and hardware assets in a single view, thus providing excellent usability. This is highly efficient for large-scale businesses which have a number of departments. ManageEngine provides departmental jurisdiction features as well as a overall common mode, thus providing exclusivity as well as uniformity. This software comes with integrated purchase order and contract management system, thus it can be assured that all assets are managed relentlessly from the day of purchase till the EOL, with contracts and renewals being updated and reviewed regularly. IT assets can be scanned by functionalities such as QR Code, Scanner. All software licenses can be managed and audit history can be maintained effectively with proper and efficient reporting.

7. SnipeIT:

SnipeIT is a modern asset management software with very powerful features and a friendly design. All assets, whether software or hardware are properly allocated, and all of those can be realized physically also. Adding or deleting these assets from the inventory is also a very easy task in this software, and so is viewing a detailed history of each and every asset. Default asset models already designed in the software let the user group common features and hence save operation time. All assets can be easily imported and exported. SnipeIT generates QR code labels on all asset deployments to ensure easy mobile access to all operations. This software also provides an option to mark assets as requestable, and such assets can be requested for use by some other user.