Project Management may sound easy, as it is assumed as a career obtained with time and experience. Manpower and Project Managers can only do so much and there will be a time when Project Managers will depend on automation. With growing data and technological advances, the need for software and better management of projects and employee hours has become a necessity. Here is a list of the top open source project management software narrowed down to 7:

Zoho Projects

With an unlimited number of users allowed, a 10 MB limit on storage and

a free version that does not have any limits on functionalities, Zoho Projects is one of the best open source Project Management software available. Priced at $25 per month, users are allowed to upgrade to this plan any time they like.


Completely free for unlimited number of users, Bitrix24 is one of the best open source project management software that has a storage limit of 5 GB per month. Users are allowed to upgrade to a plan of $39 per user per month. Providing Gantt charts, time tracking and management, real-time communication and more, Bitrix24 even acts as a DropBox alternative for easy document sharing.


GanttProject is a project management tool that can be used for both scheduling as well as management. With the ability to generate Gantt and PERT charts, GanttProject produces reports in HTML as well as PDF formats. GanttProject allows project managers to identify problems and issues and sets goals for improvement in projects.


Unlimited users, storage, projects, functions and more, Freedcamp comes with a lot of bonus packages that include an attractive user interface. The free version of Freedcamp has almost all features available along with time tracking, invoicing, role-based privileges and alerts and notifications.


Orangescrum has both on-premise and cloud-based versions, where on-premise is free and cloud-based starts at $9 per month. Customizable to user preferences and needs, this software is the most flexible project management software available.


From task management, project lifecycle monitoring, project planning, time and cost reporting and documentation, OpenProject is a feature-rich project management tool with a world-class user interface. OpenProject is a good choice for large and small enterprises, on the lookout for an affordable open source project management software.


Odoo provides multiple functionalities that include project management tools as one of the functions. Odoo is free and open source but has limited features when compared to other open source project management tools. With Gantt charts, Kanban view, graphs and more, Odoo is a reliable tool for all enterprises.


Clubhouse is designed for the people who manage the software projects. It is a lightweight software when compared to the other software present in the list. If you are in search of a software with enough scrum features then the Clubhouse is the right option for you. Clubhouse do not serve all kinds of projects, it has been designed considering the teams that use scrum software for the project management only.

The Kanban board will help in organizing and managing the tasks. Clubhouse the free facility for only three users and after the limit has been exceeded, they charge $8.50 per user. One of the biggest disadvantage of Clubhouse is its app, their app is only available for iPhone users as of now.

The Clubhouse provides free software for the non profit organizations. The organizations should meet the eligibility criteria to avail this offer.

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal tracker claims that they can make the project management very easy. They say that a push of the button is enough to manage the entire project. The multi project workspace, automated sprint planning are some of the advanced features that Pivotal Tracker offers its customers. The software can be integrated to more than 100s of other software and third party apps. The projects are broken into stories and organized as required. The free version of this software can handle two projects at a time and provides 2GB of free storage. Three users can use this software at a time. On the good note, they offer free software without any limitations to educators, public projects and for qualified non profit organization. This project management software is meant for agile software developers so a little bit knowledge about Agile software is a must to use this.


Do you love using Kanban Boards or Scrums, then the right option is here for you. Hygger is a combination of both Kanban boards and scrums. Hygger have everything that are useful for the project management. You just name it and Hygger will provide that software for you. The software has been in the market since 2012 only, but it created a lot of impact on the users.

From Kanban boards to the sprints, Hygger have everything. The free version of the app is filled with so many amazing features. All these free features can be used by 5 members and this is enough for the small teams.

The only problem with Hygger is that the users reports some bugs. Since Hygger is a product that is been developed, there are some bugs that must be solved. But as the bugs aren’t a big issue, there is no need for the users to worry about the efficiency of the Hygger software at all.