A Document Management Software is used to organise, track, store and manage all the digital documents generated by a company in a hassle-free manner. It offers attractive user interface to organise e-documents. Document Management Software’s offer instant access to Documents, which saves time, costs and increases an organization’s productivity.

Open Source Document Management Software allows small and medium businesses which unable to expend money on paid Document Management solution to have a free, scalable and reliable alternative. Although, the free Open Source Document Management Software do have the disadvantages of continual advertisements and not having complete access to all the features which are available on the paid one without paying for it.

Here are 7 Best Opensource Document Management and Storage Solutions:


1.LogicalDOC :

Distributed under the GNU license, the source code is available to the general public, allowing anyone to adjust, restructure and use it and is available in both Community Edition and Professional editions. But there no option to sync the local directory with the repository in its community edition. Some of its important and in-demand features are: Multilingual and Desktop Web Interface, Version Control and Document Searching, Document Password Protection, Integrated Contacts and Address book, Tags, Metadata & Templates support, Dropbox integration, HTTP & HTTPS protocols, Security Policies on Menus and Folders, Configurable run levels and aspects, WebDAV and CMIS, WordPress and Joomla explorer and Web Services (SOAP & RESTful).


2.Alfresco :

The Alfresco is an enterprise specific software and it is slightly complex to understand, manage and use. The community edition of the software is deployed as a Java web application, it allows the software to run on a variety of operating systems. It provides interfaces for a variety of databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL and supports 64bits systems. Also, it runs on Apache Tomcat and JDK 8. But, the community edition is not supported by the company. The company provides the software with the features of robust content repository, Productive team collaboration web interface, access to Alfresco as a network drive natively within Windows or Mac, Add-ons support to download and install extensions maintained by the community to extend the DMS capabilities, publicly available source code, Customization of content models and bespoke workflows, image management, web content management, document management and much more. The Alfresco Enterprise Content Management is also available as mobile apps for iOS and Android (including SDKs).


3.Nuxeo :

Nuexo can be downloaded for free in multiple formats such as Windows .exe package, VMware images, Virtual Box Images and Multi-platform packages. After downloading the software, the 30-days free trial of Nuxeo online services pack can be used for additional guidance and support. To extend the functionality of the software, a large section of ready to use plugins and packages are available. This software offers features like: Support for all content types, Rich meta-data, Elasticsearch, Native content and process analytics, Storyboard creation, automated renditions and Integration with business and productivity apps such as Adobe Creative Suite, Office 365, Slack, Google Drive/Docs.


4.Feng Office:

Feng is not only a DMS platform but more than that, it comes with task management, workspace management, time tracking, knowledge management and various other features, making it one of the best open source document management software available today. Feng Office community edition features are workspace management, basic reports and tags, documents, time sheets, task templates and workflow processes, automatic alerts and reminders, contact management, notes, calendar, documents and wiki and forum support.



Casebox is an Apache web-based open source document management system. In this software, there is no need of downloading or using any other external application to read or customize any documents such as WORD, JPEG, PDF online. As it is a web-based application, there is no need of syncing the data, which increases the security and privacy. Some of its features are: Forms with conditional logic, Repeatable fields, Metadata fields, Unlimited version control, Document Viewer, Graphs and Charts, Personalized forms, allows to open and work on several documents simultaneously, allows deleted files to be restored from the Recycle bin, Two-factor authentication, contact management, project management, and human resource management and more.



SeedDMS is an Opensource PHP based Document Management System that supports MySQL or sqlite3 as the database and is enterprise-ready Document Management Software platform for sharing and storing documents. It also supports mobile interface and can be used on smartphone in a much efficient manner due to bootstrap and optimized UI. Its features include: Multi-level content directory for supporting more than 32000 documents, Workflow for document review and approval, Fully web-based UI, Fine-grained notification upon changes, Access control lists, External authentication, Supports metadata like the author, keywords, a description, and arbitrary attributes, Password forgotten function, Users and groups management, Full-text search, Preview images for attachments, WebDAV access and Multi-language support.


7.VIENNA Advantage DMS:

VIENNA Advantage is an Open Source document management system tightly integrated with ERP and CRM and can be installed on cloud systems to create cloud-based document management system. Written in C#.Net with an HTML5 UI, this project is divided into two parts: Application Development Framework and Functional modules. Primary features of this software are: Multi-Lingual and Tenants, Automated Process for Mass Uploading, indexing of all documents, Meta Data, and revisions, Custom Automatic Document Numbering, OCR in 27 languages, Sales Force Automation, Order Management, Materials Management, HR, Payroll, Workflow Management, Scalable Document Search Engine, Audit Trail, Automated Process for Mass Uploading, Deploy on premises or on cloud, Inbuilt Word Processor, Encrypted Documents on file system, Supports SSL, Provides Advanced Access rights and Allows modification of ownership.



These open source DMS software systems are the most dependable, consistent and the best ones in the current market and have multiple features which can align with the objectives of the organization. Depending on the requirements, companies can choose any of the document management software mentioned in the list above