Education is one of the most important assets that a modern person can own, as the knowledge gained can be used for the betterment of themselves and the world. Many have understood the importance of it and have dedicated all their resource in order to provide quality education to the students.

Education is one of the major sectors of business today, which attracts many individuals. Since it is a people-oriented business, it attracts much attention, a lot of time and work-force is required to manage it. Due to the advancement of technology, there has been a solution which is making life easier for education organizations all over the globe.

Thanks to elearning software development that students have easy access to online courses and study material

University or school management systems have been a saving grace for education organizations and have made the task of management much easier. A university management software can also be called an educational ERP, which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning.

The main task of these systems is to manage business processes, right from the core to the functioning of the organization and they achieve this by the means of implementation of software and technology. ERP can be used for the management of businesses in various sectors, however, here we will be focusing on educational ERPs.

These software are generally web-based and manage the information of a student, right from the first day of admission to the later years as alumni. The software is also known to provide easy access to the parents of the students so that they can follow the progress of the child and get their queries answered with ease.

The following is a look at the top university management software which are open source, i.e., have a free version that can be used by institutes to help them better streamline their information management

Top 7 Open source University Management Software

1. Fedena

This well-known university management software is brought to us by Foradian, which is known for its education and training-based software solutions. Being its flagship product, they have made sure to provide education institutes with the best education ERP they can.

Fedena can be used to display student information, timetables, yearly calendar, performance and much more. It is a very handy tool which makes the lives of the students and the parents easier. It has a very simple yet diverse system which makes it perfect for not just colleges but also for K-12 schools.

Some of Fedena’s features are as follows:

  • Can be used to manage inventory, transportation, hostel operations, finances and admissions.
  • Extra modules can be added with separate purchase to make the software even more efficient.

2. feKara

This software is a good fit for you if you are running a small institute and are planning to induct no more than 50 students. feKara’s free version is capable of managing all your needs if the student pool is small, which a huge advantage of this software. However, there are also paid versions available which can help you in maintaining a database for more number of students.

The software can be used to manage all the necessities of the institute like admissions, examinations, schedule etc. The software is created according to the creative need and can be used by all, from start-ups to big conglomerates.

Following are some of its key features:

  • The software utilizes the cloud to manage the data.
  • The mobile application makes it easy to manage the software on the go.

3. Gibbon

A software which can be used to run the entire institute, gibbon is an amazing innovation in the field of university management software. The best part about is that it is open source, which means it is available for free. This education ERP software can be used to manage the administration department and post all the student-related information like admission information, examination details and timetables. It also comes equipped with tools like assessments and planners which can be used to enhance the teaching experience for the teachers.

Following are some of the features of gibbon:

  • Examination, financial, attendance and student information management
  • A clear user interface for ease of use

4. OpenSis

If you run a K-12 school, private or public, then this is the best management software that you can opt for. OpenSis is an open source educational ERP, which means it is free for your use. However, if you are a large organization then it is advisable to opt for the paid version, OpenSis surge as it is better equipped to manage your needs. It is capable of managing admissions, examinations and student information.

Some of its key features are:

  • Has an integrated messaging system which can be used to communicate with the school
  • Keeps a track of medical records along with all the other information.

5. SchoolTool

This is the best you can go for when it comes to open source university management software. It is known to be very popular among medium-sized schools and is known for its ease of use, without compromising the management tools, which include academic calendar management, classroom management and admissions to name a few.

Some of its key features:

  • Provides tools for skill assessment, attendance spreadsheets, and daily participation journal all provided by the educators.
  • Uses cloud-based platform, hence accessible from anywhere.

6. School Time

Another open source platform targeting start-ups, this software is best suited for small institutes which have a student pool of 50. Even though it is targeted to smaller institutes, it still is known for its robustness and ease of use. Admission management, student information and assessment, attendance tracking and curriculum management are few of its uses.

Key features:

  • Comes with a mobile app for ease of access from anywhere

7. TS School

An educational ERP known for its HR module, TS school is an advantageous addition to your management department. Built to manage institutes of all sizes, this software can easily store and track data of a large student pool. It can carry out tasks like admissions management, attendance tracking, classroom management and maintain medical records.

Key features

  • Parent portal available.