Point OF Sale/ Point Of Purchase Software

When a customer picks up an item from a retail store, where does all the transaction details go? The customer’s product is tracked with a barcode scanner and the discount prices are automatically calculated. Who is in charge of listing out inventory stock-outs, adding customer bonus points, keeping track of expiry dates and freebies? A POS or POP software is the one that deals with all the mentioned functionalities and a few more. With millions of POS/POP software in the market, we’ve narrowed down a few best software that we think will be best for your business!

1.  Vend

Vend lets you customize your bills with your company’s logo and details, stores sales back-up when your internet is down so you can continue selling, manages product returns and refunds and stores all data in the cloud to have centralized data. Vend also takes away the pain of cash management, inventory management and efficient reporting. Vend’s e-Commerce platform allows easy order management via mobile phones and websites making it a user-friendly platform. Why Vend? Because it’s the most versatile solution to any small business. Read More..

2.  ShopKeep

In the world of business where Digital Marketing is the key to success, ShopKeep allows easy Email Marketing and Customer Loyalty with an added advantage of Inventory Management. With its exclusive Customer Support and easy-to-learn cloud-based software, ShopKeep wins brownie points and trusted customers around the world. Their reporting tools and marketing strategies help keep businesses more organized than they normally are. Read More..

3.  Shopify

Flexible Payment-friendly platforms are hard to find. But what’s harder is to find a tool that sends customer receipt copies through e-mail and text messages. Shopify extends the comfort of businesses by helping with refunds, discounts and taxes. There is no need for large registers and counters as everything is available on your mobile devices through Shopify. Accurate retail reports and barcode scanners make Shopify one of the most preferred software tools in the market. Read More..

4.  Acme

Acme is omnipresent and easier to use with social media tools. Promotions help keep customers right where they are, with Acme’s profitable strategies. Inventory management, technical support and cost-friendly operations make Acme one of the best point of sale softwareRead More..

5.  Bindo

Bid goodbye to heavy cashiers and registers with Bindo’s iPad POS systems. Including around 300 features, Bindo has an effective CRM system along with accurate reporting tools to get your business running in profit. Bindo offers solutions to almost all business types, providing you with an easy embed of your business online. Read More..

6.  Square

Updating its software from time to time, Square learns business needs from all types of businesses and provides appropriate solutions. Every POS needs some amount of training, but Square? Zero. Square allows real-time management of inventory along with offline payment options. Choose Square and square up to your business woes. Read More..

7.  Lightspeed

Celebrated for its compatibility across all platforms, Lightspeed scores points for its advanced inventory management system. Lightspeed offers excellent marketing tools, technical support, product customization and SEO-optimization across businesses revolving around restaurant, retail and e-commerce. Read More..