You probably got into managed services since you have the expertise and passion for making tech work, not only for yourself and for the businesses that trust you with their IT needs. However, you couldn’t run an MSP business with just a pen and paper. The right MSP software can make it all easier. 

While there are numerous MSP software solutions available today, it’s important to choose the right one for your business. In this article, we’re sharing the top feature you need to consider when deciding on the right MSP tool for you. 

1. Automation

In a fast-paced competitive industry, MSPs need to keep up and ensure streamlined fast operations. In this case, automation capabilities are critical to managing your business’s new and existing work processes. 

The best MSPs like Protek Support are using advanced solutions that can automate routine tasks such as maintenance management and device monitoring. This way, your employees can focus more on critical tasks and support your clients better. Automated MSP software allows your business to scale faster without compromising service quality. 

2. Patch Management

Patching is a critical part of any system security. Every MSP and IT expert knows that patching should be performed promptly. This is to help minimize potential vulnerabilities and security risks in your client’s system. That said, patching takes up a significant portion of most IT experts’ work day. 

However, with a reliable MSP tool with efficient patch management, your IT team can easily keep track and monitor these requirements. It automatically notifies you if a patch is needed as well as allows you to find the right patch while providing insightful data for future references. If possible, you should also consider looking for software that allows you to test patches before deploying them, ensuring their efficiency and helping save time and effort. 

3. Real-Time Alerts And Monitoring

The real-time alert and monitoring feature is a useful tool for your employees. With this feature, your IT experts can become updated on a client’s network for status reports. 

A decent alert system allows for the quick detection of vulnerabilities or anomaly-ranging from a simple software update to significant service disruptions or security threats–present in the connected devices of clients and notifying IT employees right away. 

As a result, you can resolve issues easily and provide optimal services to your client. Providing preventive resolution and real-time alerts can save a lot of effort and time, not to mention costs. 

4. Collaboration

Collaboration with your team members or your client’s in-person IT team is a critical part of your partnership. Smooth communication ensures an effective service; thus, you want to choose an MSP software with a reliable collaboration channel. 

A collaboration feature helps everyone stay informed about any issue or update, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Also, a company-wide collaboration tool provides strong alignment between your IT team and other departments in your organization.

5. Remote Access

A remote access feature is a key element in MSP software, particularly in remote monitoring and management (RMM) software. A remote access feature allows your IT experts to function without any on-site presence at your client’s location. It allows your IT team to connect and monitor your client’s device and fix issues right from the MSP software interface. Without this feature, MSPs simply couldn’t function and provide their services. 

6. Help Desk

While remote access allows your employees to manage and monitor the client’s software, servers, and endpoints, it can’t provide all the access facilities required by an IT support department. This is where a Help Desk can be useful. Remote desktop systems allow your remote technician to see the screen of the client. 

Thus, by working through chat or over the phone, your client can demonstrate the problem effectively, and your employees can demonstrate the solution. 

7. Analytics And Reporting

Businesses rely on data to make well-informed decisions. Thus, you want an MSP software with comprehensive analytics and reporting features to help capture the right data in an easy-to-understand format. 

A good reporting function is beneficial not only for your business but also for your clients. With the right data, your IT experts can make solid and effective decisions to improve the strategies and processes they offer. Meanwhile, providing your clients with these periodic reports can help put their minds at ease and ensure that they’re maximizing every payment they give you. 

Take Away 

Like any other business, MSPs rely on software to perform their business correctly. With reliable MSP software, you can offer top-notch services and solutions, implement efficient processes, and confidently run a profitable and reliable MSP. That said, to make it easier to choose the right MSP software for your business, make sure to primarily consider the features mentioned above. Take note that these are only the suggested must-have features of reliable MSP software, and there are other functionalities that can be useful, depending on your needs.