Bitcoin mining software connects a bitcoin miner to the blockchain or the mining pool. Bitcoin software delivers the mining hardware data to the Bitcoin network and receives data from other miners on the network. This software monitors the input and output of the miner, displaying real-time statistical data as well. Here is a list of a few free Bitcoin Mining Software available:

1. BTCMiner

BTCMiner is an open source software that has robust features like dynamic frequency scaling, where the software chooses the frequency automatically. BTCMiner does not ask for any Xilinx software or license and is ready-to-use.

2. Bitcoin Miner

Bitcoin Miner is suitable for Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. With features like power saving mode, mining pool support and an easy-to-use UI, Bitcoin Miner has one of the best features that any software can have. Bitcoin Miner has a special profits report feature that helps knowing if mining is profitable or not.

3. CG Miner

CGMiner is the most popular Bitcoin Miners and has many features like CPU mining support, fan speed control, remote interface, multi GPU support and more. Based on the original code of CPU Miner, CG Miner also supports self detection of new blocks of database.

4. Easy Miner

EasyMiner is a GUI based software that supports the getwork mining protocol. This software can be used for both solo and pooled mining. EasyMiner configures your mining and also provides performance mining graphs for monitoring mining activities.

5. BFGMiner

Designed for ASICs, BFGMiner provides mining features like integrated overclocking, fan control and more. Similar to CG Miner, BFGMiner offers a plethora of unique features with free mesa/LLVM Open CL as well.

6. BitMiner

BitMiner requires simple installation and is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X as well. Great mining speed, encouraging bitcoin mining and reducing stale work, BitMiner allows mining on OpenCL-compatible GPUs. BitMiner calls for registering online through a sign up form available on their official website.

7. DiabloMiner

DiabloMiner uses OpenCL framework allowing users to perform hashing computations. Supporting unlimited pools, DiabloMiner has an official forum on their software website.