Almost all businesses find business intelligence tools advantageous for the growth of their company. Business intelligence tools come with a price tag so most of the small and medium businesses do not consider this option. However there are a few open source and free tools online that help these businesses find their suitable business intelligence tool. Here is a consolidated list of open source tools available in the market:

1. Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft offers a 1GB per user data capacity limit and a platform with dashboards that present insights from Salesforce, Google Analytics and more in their free version. Microsoft Power BI is very user-friendly in a way that it allows users to query the software using their own English language.

2. Tableau Public

A free business intelligence tool, Tableau helps create charts, reports, real-time dashboards and provides options for creating interactive charts as well. These can be published online or shared through social media as well. Customizable and easy to use, Tableau connects to Google Sheets and automatically keeps updating data with any changes made.

3. Zoho Reports

Creating reports and dashboards, in-analysis and high flexibility in integration with other data sources make Zoho Reports one of the best open source business intelligence tools available in the market. The free version of Zoho Reports allows two users.


Although the user interface looks old school, BIRT is used to create reports and dashboards which can be integrated and embedded with all web applications. With more than 12 million downloads, BIRT is still the top rated open source BI tool in the market.

5. Helical Insight

Helical Insight is visual treat for those who pay attention to user interface, as the dashboard offers colorful representations of reports and analysis, exporting and user role management. This BI tool has an exciting feature where users can key in questions related to reports and charts and filter data.

6. Jaspersoft Community

From data integration engines, customizable reports and dynamic dashboards, Jaspersoft offers different packages and programs that help choose your area of priority in the free version. With a wide range of reputed customers, Jaspersoft is a famous open source BI tool recommended by quite a handful of users.

7. ClicData

With 1GB of free data storage with unlimited number of dashboards, ClicData’s free version offers a number of impressive features that include auto refresh, muti-user advantage, sharing capabilities and more.