Saving Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Annually

Any business, large or small, can stand to save tens of thousands of dollars in operational costs annually. VPS solutions make this possible a variety of ways. If you’re unfamiliar, VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server”, and private cloud computing options make such solutions more tangible than ever. Following, seven distinct benefits of VPS solutions used in an SMB (Small to Medium-sized Business) capacity will be explored.

1. Straightforward Cost Reduction In Terms Of Servers

A VPS solution can totally outsource the cost of a server array. Where one server may be $4k, plus transport, plus space, plus maintenance, VPS applications can cost as little as $20 a month, or up to a few hundred dollars. It all depends on your need. That’s $240 to $3,600—potentially—every year. Still, such an expense is cheaper than the cost of most servers over the course of a year.

Owing to Moore’s Law, tech doubles on itself at eighteen-month intervals. Servers themselves become outmoded every three to five years. What this essentially means is that you’ll have to replace your servers regularly. One server bought at $4k will cost $8k by the time you’ve replaced it within five years, and that excludes related expenses.

Additionally, you’ll need on-site personnel, updates, and space allocated. That’s on top of transport costs. With a VPS solution through a private cloud, you save thousands of dollars right off the bat.

2. Decentralization Potential

With VPS solutions it becomes possible for you to outsource employees. Instead of having them work on-site with a server hosted internally, you can give the right people access credentials, and they can make productive changes remotely with a simple internet connection.

You’ll want security in place, but the point is, with VPS you can decentralize. That saves office space, parking, and fees related to driving. Additionally, it’s likely to increase employee productivity. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has been seen to do this.

3. More Reliable Technical Support

When you’re working with a provider of VPS solutions, you can rest assured their competitive viability subsists in large part from their satisfaction of clientele. If they fail to meet your needs, you go to another VPS provider. Also, this being their core prerogative, VPS providers often have greater and more professional resources available in terms of security than internal solutions can.

4. The Three “S” Words: Scalability, Security, And Speed

Cloud-based VPS solutions such as provide security which can’t be matched internally, natural scalability which is essentially painless, and much greater speed than internal solutions can often produce.

5. Available Design Applications

Cloud computing makes design solutions more feasible than they’ve ever been, and many of those design solutions can be sourced from the cloud itself. Using software that’s stored on a VPS solution can give you greater design ability while reducing operational expenses.

6. The Ability To More Effectively Monitor Apps

Monitoring apps on the cloud, either that you’re using or that you’ve created, is a lot more feasible through VPS solutions than internally. With VPS options, you have the potentiality for nigh-unlimited data. With on-site solutions, there’s a very real upper-limit, and you’re going to hit it a lot quicker. Keeping an eye on things is usually a lot easier via VPS solutions.

7. Competitive Viability And Positioning For Future Developments

When you can produce the same level of output at a diminished level of expense, this makes you more competitively viable in the marketplace. Additionally, if you’re staying ahead of the “cutting edge”, as it were, you’ll be in a better position to acquire future technologies at diminished expense once they become available.

Considerable Advantages

Between future positioning, competitive viability, app monitoring, software design, scalability, security, speed, more reliable tech support, decentralization, and basic cost reduction, there’s much to recommend VPS solutions for SMBs. Weigh the pros and cons yourself to see if this is a move that’s right for your operation.