A digital video camera called an IP camera or internet protocol camera performs many of the same tasks as a webcam. It has a unique IP address and it may send and receive data over the internet. IP cameras are typically utilized for security purposes. However, unlike conventional analogue security cameras, they only require a local area network connection to store data, not recording equipment. You need the appropriate software if you want to maximize the potential of an IP camera. Using various features and functionalities, the best IP camera software can enable you to set up security surveillance for your home and company. Applications for IP cameras can be used for company surveillance, family safety, and residential surveillance. This security camera software can detect motion automatically and send alerts via voice call, instant message, and other means. The IP camera connects with a network in a manner that is remarkably similar to that of other network devices. Below you can see about the open source IP camera software:

Netcam Studio

Use the IP camera app Netcam Studio to monitor your family and protect your property. With apps for both Android and iOS operating systems, it works exceptionally well on mobile. It provides complete remote access with notifications sent to your device to keep you informed and up to date on any suspicious activity. A video surveillance program called Netcam Studio can be used to keep an eye on your residence, place of work, or loved ones. This program allows you to send and receive commands to Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack.

At any moment, from anywhere, keep a watch on your house. It is vital for the surveillance systems of Netcam to have a motion and surveillance software detection algorithm.Always keep a look at your possessions. Keep in mind that robberies could occur. Always keep an eye on the individuals you care about in your family. You are informed of unusual activity by email and push alerts.


  • It allows the connection of 64 cameras
  • Push alerts and email
  • It is extremely user-friendly for mobile devices
  • The free version doesn’t have a time limit.
  • This program is compatible with a wide range of camera brands.
  • Update frequency allows for the majority of system-breaking issues to be fixed.


ZoneMinder is free CCTV camera software compatible with Linux and has companion apps for Android and iOS. Open-source CCTV monitoring software provides various security camera capture, recording, analysis, and monitoring functions. It is modern, fully-functional video surveillance software that is open source. You can keep an eye on your house, office, or other location. You may construct a system as big or as tiny as you need using readily available technology and any camera. It is open source and free, where your data is under your control. It utilises a broad range of cameras. It has the most flexible NVR/DVR solution on the market. A team dedicated to open source regularly maintains ZoneMinder. They have an active contributor and participation community.


  • Motion detection using AI
  • Any linked device can view camera feeds.
  • Increased features and technology for the cloud
  • Excellent for Linux users
  • It uses practically any camera monitor
  • It is available wherever and whenever

Perfect surveillance

You can pick from three different categories of free security camera software. There are versions for IP and web cameras, as well as and people may use them if they don’t already have something like a VLC video viewer installed. A crisp UI and simple iconography are both very beneficial. Establish your own layouts appropriate for your viewing style and decide when the cameras begin monitoring. You can rely on this software to function with your devices as it is compatible with over 1,200 camera models. It supports SMS notifications, email alerts, motion detection, and more. You may view and download movies straight from the connected IP address.


  • Motion-based
  • Scheduler
  • Text and email alerts
  • Actually simple to use
  • Several features
  • Media player built-in for watching your videos

Luxirot Evo

You can choose Luxriot Evo, another well regarded HD security camera software option, for security and surveillance at home or at work. It distinguishes itself with a state-of-the-art user interface and a simple layout for beginners and offers a staggering number of video management options. Due to the carefully designed interface, any user can rapidly grasp the entirety of the configuration and begin using the Video Management System software. Due to the fact that Luxriot Evo is a free product, it is not covered by Luxriot’s technical support services and has a considerably smaller set of parts. You can easily and quickly view your cameras using Luxriot Evo’s streaming server through a web browser or mobile application. No matter where you are in the world, you may always view archived and live videos. The goal of the user interface for this security camera software solution is to make configuration as easy as possible.


  • It supports over 5000 cameras
  • 64-bit core
  • Remote access
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Ideal for professional and domestic use
  • Incredibly stylish and contemporary user interface

Genius Vision 

A rather sophisticated piece of software, the Genius Vision system is probably best utilised by corporations. It also functions on portable electronics. Several features might never be used if used at home.

It enables you to monitor and record footage from your connected IP cameras from a distance is called Genius Vision. There are many settings to play around with and numerous options to accommodate the various cameras this application can use. Beginner-friendly remote control features are available, and you can even pan and zoom your camera stream from anywhere using just your mobile smartphone. Additionally, you may support the company on Patreon and get more program extensions by doing so.


Works in depth with a variety of camera types

The equipment is highly developed and precise

The drop-down options are intricate and cleverly designed at the same time.

Software for managing videos in one place

A variety of possible applications

Built-in time management tools


A fantastic piece of security camera software is produced by the Deskshare IP Camera Viewer firm, which they repackage under numerous names and then distribute for free on their website. They do this because the software includes a tonne of bloatware that is not necessary and for which the company is compensated. The terrible thing is that getting a clean version of this program is challenging because many other websites will substitute Trojan malware for this junk. Split-screen, playback and live recording are all options. It works with 2200 camera models and supports up to 4 cameras simultaneously. If your hardware supports it, you can pan, rotate, and zoom your camera. DeskShare IP Camera Viewer is an IP camera app that allows you to view the live video feed from a connected USB or IP camera. Just a few minutes are needed to set it up.


  • It works with numerous brands and types of cameras.
  • If you like, you can install floating surveillance windows.
  • Make specific changes to each camera’s settings.


For private usage at home, you can connect up to two cameras using the free WebcamXP IP camera software. It includes a straightforward user interface and a straightforward collection of functionality for new and inexperienced users. Motion and audio recognition are user-friendly, and even in the free edition, the overlay editor allows you to alter videos instantly. The IP camera program WebcamXP connects to desktop and mobile PCs and uploads video to your website. When necessary, adjust the settings to take still pictures or audio recordings, and the video is then sent in real-time. Utilize its motion detector to control its actions.


  • Stream using Windows Media or HTTP
  • Motion detector with a range of alerting possibilities
  • Experienced users should grant unrestricted or restricted access.
  • The overlay editor has support for text editing, picture-in-picture, animated gifs, alpha-blending, and picture-in-picture.
  • Engage PowerHome, a program for automation.
  • Support for network camera audio is available.

Blue Iris

The IP-based surveillance system Blue Iris is capable of taking screenshots in the JPG, AVI, MP4, and DVR formats. You may easily watch recorded videos with Blue Iris video management software. You can receive alerts from it via voice calls, text messages, and other channels. Motion or sound can start a recording, and it can also be played constantly or on a regular basis. It is possible to capture JPEG images, MPEG videos, and Windows Media movies. Get alerts through voicemail, email, instant message, loudspeaker, external program or script. Run Blue Iris as a Windows service on a shared computer so that only you have control over how it behaves.


  • Utilize Blue Iris robust digital zoom and pan capabilities.
  • Mobile and desktop computers are both available as viewing choices.
  • You can watch recorded video, live cameras, and alerts.

Wrapping it up

Hopefully you will learn about the open source IP camera software. If you utilise this software, it will assist you in keeping an eye on the location where security is required. It enables you to keep an eye on the location from wherever you are and whenever. It is the most adaptable software that aids in home or workplace monitoring.