Most business houses trust their SEO implementation strategies to draw more leads to their website. Important SEO strategies like social media marketing and search engine optimization are excellent ways to direct new visitors to your website landing pages.

Apart from using SEO strategies, it is also equally important to create informative and valuable landing pages so that the visitors get engaged with your website and find the information they were originally looking for. 

Do you know that a whopping 90% of visitors that scan through your website content headline also take out time to read your CTA copy?

As the Co-Founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Branson rightly said, “Landing pages need to look appealing, but most of all they need to convert.” 

How to create landing pages for your website that can create an impact on your visitors and customers? 

This article will guide you in creating landing pages like a conversion pro so that you can turn your visiting traffic into positive leads.

8 great tips to create impactful landing pages

There are a lot of factors that can impact how you can engage your visitors on your website. Conversion of visitors to lead is nothing but pure science. You need to learn how to read the mind of your visitors so that you can impact how they see and react to your website.

1.Create an organized and clean landing page

The first impression is the last impression, period. The same holds for your website visitors too. So if you want to impress them at the very first glance, you have to set the design of your landing page correctly. Your page visitors will determine whether they want to explore more of your site or leave depending on how you showcase your brand on the landing page.

  • Create a positive impact for your brand through your landing page. It should be cohesive and in alignment with your brand values.
  • It should look clean, informative, and organized. Visitors should not feel overwhelmed with a pool of information on your page. If you try to put in a lot of information on a single page with lots of links within the content, it will surely put off your visitors and impact your SEO efforts negatively.
  • Use call to action (CTA) on the landing page. It must stand out from the information on the page so that it rightfully catches the attention of your audience.
  • Add visually appealing elements that can interest the visitors and create an impact on them. For instance, you can add YouTube videos of your products and services. For ease of understanding for your audience, you can convert a YouTube video to text. Happy scribe is one such website that can help you achieve the desired results. 
  • Ensure that the landing page is mobile responsive so that all visitors have the same experience when visiting your site, no matter which device they log in from.

2.Emphasize how your product can benefit your customers

Customers don’t care about what you are offering unless it benefits them in some way or the other. Thanks to the web and Google, today the customers know all about what they want and how they want it served to them. In simple words, they know the solution to their problem. They know all about the features that they want in a service or a product and have a set benchmark for the products.

Stand apart from your rivals and offer your benefits to the customers. When you push the benefits of your customers to the forefront of your marketing efforts, it creates an out-of-the-box landing page that holds the interests of your visitors for a longer time.

3.Include valuable information for your visitors

Include only the most important information on your landing pages. Do not overburden it with information as that can turn your visitors away from your website. If you clutter your website with lots of information, you are cluttering the mind of your visitors too.

The content within the landing pages should be such that they are easily navigable by the visitors. They must find what they are looking for, easily without having to look and scan through loads of content. Only then you can expect your visitors to stay and turn into leads for your business.

4.Include customer testimonials on your landing pages

You have to entice your visitors so that they act on your CTA. The best way to do so is to add customer testimonials and credentials. Testimonials can be great in creating trust amongst your visitors. When new visitors read through the testimonials, they will rely on your products and services.

The new visitors would want to know how others have benefitted from your products and services. And client testimonials give them that insight into your brand and value. Adding a testimonials page to your website can positively impact the visitors about your experience and expertise. This will eventually help you in turning your leads into converts.

The same is true for the credentials too. If you have won awards or certifications for your business, don’t forget to add them to your website landing pages. The testimonials and credentials will not take a lot of space yet will help you create a level of confidence amongst your visitors. Achievements are always a great way to show your visitors what you are doing right.

5.Keep the submission forms simple

There are often some landing pages that include the contact forms or subscription forms for visitors to act on them. They are a great way to capture leads and turn them into conversions.

When you are creating such submission forms, make sure to keep them simple enough for the visitors to go through. Keep the instructions simple and make them convenient for the visitors. You can simply ask your users to put in their name, contact details, and email address so that you can get back to them at their convenience. When the process is simple and quick, it impresses your visitors well.

6.Be specific and use the original dataset

The more specific you are, the more impressive you can be. It is easy to be persuasive with your products when you use the original dataset for your landing page. It makes your audience believe you when you cite metrics and don’t just make blanket claims.

7.Create several landing pages for your website

With SEO, there are multiple channels through which you can generate traffic to your website. Similarly, create multiple landing pages that are customized to suit the requirement of the visitors coming to your page from multiple channels. For instance, you will receive visitors from search engine pages or PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns.