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Nowadays, while using an invoice template or invoicing service has numerous advantages, many small business owners and independent contractors easily create custom invoices in either Microsoft Word or Excel. You might wonder why you should move from a custom invoice to an invoicing template. The solution is relatively straightforward, which includes saving time and ensuring on-time payment are two benefits of employing an invoice template.

With easy access to invoice templates, limitless customizability, and a straightforward design already created, you may have a customized invoice completed and available to send promptly through an email or an invoice service in just a few minutes. Because you spend less time on tedious tasks, your client benefits from a more constant and rapid growth rate. This guarantees that your client will receive their bill promptly and be able to make their payment on time.

List of top excel invoice templates:


You have a lot of work to do as a small business owner to manage a successful company. You may feel like producing and mailing bills is simply another duty to add to your to-do list, what with managing clients and keeping track of business funds. Fortunately, making expert invoices doesn’t need to be complicated. A blank billing invoice template is the ideal way to simplify your invoicing procedure and ensure that you receive timely and accurate payment for your services. You can quickly create and send invoices using the FreshBooks free Microsoft Excel template. It is the best option for anyone familiar with Microsoft Excel because it is just as simple as any blank Excel document.


  • Excel invoice template that’s simple to use
  • Professionally crafted
  • Distinct clientele database
  • Drop-down choices make it simple to choose from past clients.
  • Discount, tax rate, and unit choice


Whatever method you choose for billing, this process is necessary for all businesses, regardless of size. Invoices let you collect payment from your customers and clients by keeping track of your sales and services. An invoice template is the most effective technique for creating a successful invoicing plan. With the use of templates, INV24.com creates invoices that are both easily readable and contain all the information. Larger firms may require a full suite of accounting tools to meet their demands, and Excel invoice templates may only be appropriate for some types of business. A template is a terrific option for smaller firms that are overgrowing since INV24.com offers a simple, functional structure for new users.


  • Free Excel invoice template that is prepared to be sent to clients
  • The template computes the subtotal and total amounts automatically.
  • Fully adaptable
  • Professionally presented with the necessary invoice components
  • Printable statement

3.Excel Skills Australia:

The Excel-Skills International organization, which distributes a variety of distinctive Excel invoice templates in more than 100 nations worldwide, includes the Excel-Skills Australia website in its global activities. The 2011-founded Australian company distributes copies of the global templates modified for the Australian business and tax environments from its base of operations. The team at Excel-Skills Australia provides a distinctive selection of Excel invoice templates divided into ten categories, including accounting, leave, debtors and creditors, cash flow, fixed assets, loans, and valuations, costing, and free templates. In addition to invoicing, Excel invoice templates help control and streamline various procedures. These formulae can help you determine precisely where you should invest, save, and spend money to ensure the long-term profitability of your business.


  • Establish regular bills and payments
  • For both internal and external purposes, automation
  • Multiple currency invoices
  • Adaptable reports


As your company expands, you will need to manage various projects to achieve organizational goals, deadlines, and goals. To ensure that every element of your business runs well, using an Excel template can help you manage your projects, team members, budgets, deadlines, and invoicing. Many business owners in startups manage their accounting. It is a lot simpler to handle your payables and receivables, automate expenditure reporting, and send out accurate invoices when you use a straightforward yet elegant Excel invoice template. Your free Excel invoices can also be used to examine your company’s cash flow, evaluate its profitability, make future financial projections, and develop strategies to strengthen it. After that, utilize a different template to assess your data and ensure your company has the most growth potential.


  • Immediately produce a proper invoice
  • A stylish layout to wow your clients
  • No registration is needed.
  • Utilize Zoho Sheet to edit the template online
  • Automatic totals and subtotals computation


These free Excel templates are a wonderful place to start if you seek quick, straightforward solutions for your company’s invoicing needs. This can help you create invoices to bill your clients regularly. With rounded invoicing software, you can create and send invoices simply from within your banking app. Your client will have a favorable opinion of your organization as a whole when you present them with an invoice that is easy to understand and makes the payment procedure uncomplicated. Excel templates might be helpful when you are initially starting and figuring out what works best for you, but invoicing software elevates your professionalism by delivering consistently high-quality service and streamlining the payment process. With automated integrations and a simple client experience unmatched by generic Excel templates, invoicing software will advance your company’s financial position.


  • Make an excellent first impression on your customers with your brand
  • Include billing in your branding plan.
  • A file that is signed by both you and your customer
  • Act as evidence of the products delivered or services provided
  • Assistance with running your firm and overseeing your financial operation


A list of the goods and services a particular customer purchased and subsequently received from a firm and their related quantity and costs are listed on an invoice. Its main goal is to simplify the transaction by giving valuable details like the total amount the client owes and a concise summary of the goods and services provided. Additionally, wise might act as a legally-binding document against clients who fail to pay the invoice and against suppliers that charge more than what was stated in the invoice. For these reasons, you should create an invoice for each transaction you complete. Because of how much time it can take, using a template is usually recommended. Start with a free Excel invoice template if you intend to use a template. You might need to employ various invoice forms depending on your industry. Excel’s most significant advantage over alternative invoicing tools is its flexibility or versatility.


  • Integration of invoicing with other financial programs
  • Simple customization to display your branding
  • Creates invoice numbers automatically.
  • Stores customer information for future billing
  • Being able to issue invoices through several routes