Field Service management software has become a pillar of service-based industries ranging from cleaning to HVAC systems. It has immensely influenced its progress rate by stimulating an active work order management system. Organizations that use field service management software are an excellent hand for technicians on the field. It helps with tracking locations, monitoring work progress, and other features too. 

Many industries still work based on manual files, forms, and invoices, while the rest of the market has evolved along with technology. If you want to take your business game up a notch, it’s time to considering syncing with field service software

What does field service management software offer?

The software is programmed to enable certain features that can connect the office and the field. It also provides support for technicians to function more leisurely in the field. A field service software is responsible for automating work functions like scheduling and dispatching, generating estimates and invoices, tracking working hours, technicians, and equipment, managing the data within the cloud. It helps the organization connect with their customers by providing essential features, helping them on the field, and excellent customer services. 

The basic features offered by any field service management software is:

Scheduling and dispatching: Organize all your work orders by date along with the assigned technician, customer information, and other details during dispatch. This helps avoid last-minute confusion and enhances the punctuality of work. It also automates recurring work orders making it easier for customers. 

Mobile App: this feature comes with most of the exclusive top field service software. It provides all the website features on your mobile app for field service technicians. This makes it easier for technicians on the field. It is usually used to find accessible routes to the field and to track technicians on the field. 

Bills: You can create and save all your bills within the cloud through this billing software. Whether on the field or a mile away from the office, technicians can generate estimates and invoices immediately, get customer approval and get quick payments through the software. This helps save time and increase productivity. 

Tracking: This is vividly the most used and prominent feature of the software. It allows you to track the technicians on the field, your equipment history, and the progress of your business on the dashboard. The GPS integration within the software helps with tracking. 

Management: The software helps manage your teams, customers, and your work orders. It provides you with all the resources and information in one place and unlimited access from any place. The AI-based software also organizes your teams, customer information, and the work orders ready to dispatch within minutes without errors. 

Remote Inventory Management: It’s one of the essential features of good field service software. It can be used to monitor all your internal and external inventory to avoid losing parts, tools, and other products. With remote inventory management software, you can keep track of all the supplies from whatever location and ensure your service workers are responsible for the company tools and supplies when they’re in the field.  

With all the features mentioned above, there’s no question why having field service software is crucial for the business. So, you should find time to choose the appropriate software that matches your business needs. This way, you can streamline the operations, improve your company’s overall productivity, and generate more revenue.  

Best Field Service Softwares and their details

There are different field service software available in the market today. The best ones include:

  • Field Promax

This mobile integrated field service management software enhances your business by streamlining work orders and providing an easy solution. They help keep track of everyday work orders and customer needs, generate estimates and invoices, manage repetitive tasks, and schedule appointments quickly. They help digitalize any business within minutes. The software is available on the web, android, and iOs devices. 

Ratings: 3.5/5

Pricings:$29/month per feature

Review: The value for money is rated 5/5. It is easy to use, affordable and has all the features required to stabilize a startup business, small or medium-sized business. Their QuickBooks integrations have helped our customer database. 

  • mHelpDesk

The software supports scheduled workflows with single and recurring appointments. It is one of the high-rated cloud-based business systems within the field service business. Freelancers, small and medium-sized businesses mainly use it. However, it is only available on the website and android applications. They offer a 14-day free trial along with month-to-month pricing with no contracts. 

Ratings: 3.5/5

Pricing: $169/month per user

Review: Easy to navigate with the helpful tutorials and the responsive assistance. Wonderful customer service. It is an all-in-one package software. 

  • Service Fusion

It is a web-based field service software that provides customer management, inventory management, time tracking, and reporting features. It is customizable and has user-specific permission within various modules of their software. They also support automatic synchronization of invoices, serialization of stock inventory, payroll reporting, revenue reporting, etc. 

Ratings: 4.4/5

Pricing: $149/month

Review: It has a lot of tools and would require extra time to get to know them all. But their training teams are very patient and kind. Their staff are quick to help and understand. Has sound and required tools for most businesses. 

  • Service Titan

This web-based field service software has a variety of features required to build a standard business. They help users create invoices and estimates, assign jobs, and provide immediate insights. It provides solutions for both residential and commercial field service businesses. 

Hence, if you’re running a residential service business, Service Titan is one of the best options for your company. Although there are other more popular choices in the market, like ServiceMax, an asset-centric field service management software, it may be the perfect solution because it has tailored and robust functionalities that help you serve many residential customers more efficiently. Because of this, Service Titan has become one of the Servicemax alternatives you should consider from the beginning.   

Ratings: 4.5/5

Pricing: $245/month per user

Review: They provide estimate templates to create quick estimates and have reasonable financing options like quick and easy payment methods. They are immediate to respond and provide help. 

Now that you know the most prominent and helpful field service software, you can choose which one suits your business the best. Make sure to conduct thorough research first before making a decision. Check your prospect’s website and read some reviews to know what the previous clients had to say about the software.  

  • Jobber

This service scheduling software and the app helps track and manage technicians, customers, and work orders. It has serviced more than 12 million households in about 47 countries. It is Canada’s fastest-growing and innovative software company. This cloud-based field service software solution supports more than 50 service industries with interchangeable tools. 

Ratings: 4.5/5

Pricings $29/Month per user

Review: Easy to use and can be learned to handle quickly. Their batch invoice generator, quote creator, and scheduling job features are beneficial.