Real estate is one of the niche segments as you all know. A real estate salesperson is not selling like his/her retail store counterpart. It involves some hardcore skills to convince people to buy an apartment or villa. Unlike other places, where people are going to come up with a hell lot of questions to screw you up. So you are going to break your head and still try putting a smile on your face and answering their queries. Sounds hard right? But if we say, it need not be hard.

And what if we say, you can actually simplify the whole process? What if we say, all you got to do is just use a CRM and automate all your processes? Sounds easy right? Or did you feel it is expensive and complicated? Did you feel you need a team to manage the whole process? If not just go through some of the CRM software tools meant especially for the real estate businesses. These are going to automate your business, streamline your process and most importantly make everything look simple and easy. Already thinking of the good times? Then read more to visualize it.

Freshworks CRM

Building and maintaining a long-lasting relationship with clients is the key to better conversion in real estate business, someone said. But if your team is still writing numbers of clients on sticky notes and sticking it on their desk and letting it fly away in the next couple of days, then probably, the chances of conversion are less and this is not a professional approach. As a business manager/owner, you have to track every single thing your team does. Whom they are calling, what they’re conveying and how it is reciprocated etc. If you start doing this every time, you can easily convert. But how are you doing it? Asking them to record all the calls and show it to you? Or checking all their sticky notes stuck on their desks? Rather you’d be mistaken for doing them. If you don’t know what to do, you should be using Freshworks. This tool not only helps monitor the performance of your team and keep improving them. It also helps you in driving leads for your business through online platforms and keep your team busy every now and then. You can customize it as per your style and make the best use of it. This is exclusively done for your real estate businesses so it is more specific.

Real Office 360

Beautiful, friendly and simple are the three words which will define this software better. If you have a wrong perception about CRMs, then your perception will tend to change over time with the use of Real Office 360. These are easy to use and it helps real estate agents be more productive in analyzing customer information. The good part is, it is free forever 100 percent. Don’t you need more good reasons to use it right? So then go for it and rock on with your real estate sales.

Rex Software

Manage all your property listings, collect all the prospects and your sales process management. Still looking for more? Then automate your newsletter and e-marketing initiatives followed by buyer and tenant automation, then some integration with other tools. Still, not enough, they also get some property type support and custom data followed by reports and analytics. You get to do everything here with ease. Over 1100 real estate agencies are widely using this software and their testimonials are already increasing the numbers. The fancy part of this software is, you get to customize it as per the salespeople, directors, and administrators. So keep yourselves ahead in the game using this software.


Connect your contacts with emails, documents and social media profiles. Then be a little more proactive and impress your clients. You can set milestones for your team with Insightly’s project management features to proactively manage the transaction process. For example, let us say you have a set of clients enquiring at the same time. With Insightly, you can deploy several people at the same time to address different clients.  Then first follow up with each client, explain the benefits of your project and convert. Then arrange a site visit, get their inputs, ask what they want and then close the deal. Ain’t it sounding simple? Then go for Insightly’s Real Estate CRM which is the most preferred for several businesses worldwide. Compared to its competitors, Insightly has a good ease of setup, ease of usage, quality support and a lot more. Hence you have all the good reasons to bring Insightly and reap the benefits. If you’re still not convinced, Insightly is among the most cost-effective software available worldwide. Several marketers and sales professionals claim to have chosen Insightly owing to the same.