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Application design barcodes, coupons, tags and sticker as per user requirements.

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WAYS TO OPTIMIZE 1D BARCODES:1.MAKE LARGE LENGTH BARCODES IN X-DIMENSION: Large width of 1D barcode in x-dimension is capable to provide smooth printing and scanning process to scan and print the barcodes easily in less amount of time.2.USE WIDE TO NARROW RATIO OF A BARCODE: Generally, Barcodes contains two widths i.e. bar and space width. Most used barcode symbols are Code39 and ITF. These symbols measures in ratio and percentage respectively. Where first one varies from 2:1 to 3:1 and ITF varies from 2.25% to 3.1%. Barcodes are easy to use and implement of user choose to have higher ratio of wide to narrow barcode ranges.3.AVOID THE USE OF TRUNCATE: In some terms truncate is similar to having large length of barcode in x-dimension. Truncate is defined as the process of reducing the height of a barcode without reducing its width. Greater height of barcodes facilitates user to scan and read it quickly.4.LOCATE THE QUIET ZONES: Project quiet zones in the barcode and projecting them just previously or next to the most right and left bars of a barcode otherwise it will not make you satisfied. 5.VERIFY CHECK DIGITS: Check digits are not the essential part for all the barcodes. It depends on the type of a barcode that it needs check points or not. Scanner will surely detect the absence of check points at the time of scanning a barcode.WAYS TO OPTIMIZE 2D BARCODES:1.AVOID THE DISTURBANCE IN QUIET ZONES: 2D barcodes necessarily need to have quiet zones otherwise scanning will be stopped.2.LARGE SIZE BARCODES ARE BETTER: More black dots and white space make the scanning and printing of a barcode so simple, quick and efficient. 3.IDENTIFY COLOR DIVERSITY: Colors are the concepts which are dealing with the wavelength at the time of scanning a barcode.4.BALANCE PRINT SPEED AND QUALITY OF A BARCODE: Software is capable to print barcodes at a high speed without diminishing their quality.

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