Objectif Lune’s mission is to assist organisations to create, automate and distribute their most important business documents. Their solutions allow businesses to significantly reduce costs through improving their business process efficiency. From production to distribution, Objectif Lune enhance and automate the entirety of the document lifecycle.

Software Features:

Data, Design, Workflow Tools. Print, Email, Web and SMS Output Capabilities. Intelligent Barcoding, Inserter Controls, Optical Mark Recognition, Page Overflow, Complex Tables, Dynamic Graphs, HTML Document Composition,

Software Specialties:

Customer Communications Management, Variable Data Printing, Document Composition, Mail Optimisation, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Ad-Hoc Print and Mail Consolidation, Proof of Delivery, Field Services Automation, Customer Onboarding, Mobile Data Capture, Purchase Orders.

Mobile Support


Mobile Platform

IOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Black Berry

Desktop OS Support

Web App, Windows, Macintosh

Multi Language Support


API Support

Yes - API Available

Technical Support

Phone Support, Chat Support, Email Support

Open Source


  • Rick Loiben, Operations Manager, AON.

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Rick Loiben, Operations Manager, AON. "We have an overseas team that helps us complete document requests. While they can distribute documents electronically, they are unable to put any of those documents in the mail for hardcopy delivery. After sending a document electronically, they would attach the PDF to the request and route the request to our team in the US so they could print, fold, stuff, and then mail that document. This was causing a lot of errors and some backlog in my printer rooms. I was able to create a process where our overseas team drops the file they created into a hot folder, which then starts a process to sort the document by page count and send the file to the printer, where it is handled automatically. That means no more congestion in my print rooms and 5 to 10 more employees who do not have to stuff envelopes. And at Aon we don’t do layoffs. We just shift people around. Now those employees are creating documents . . . and not just distributing them, which makes for a much better work life. We have many similar processes that take high error-prone tasks that can take up to three days and turn them into automated tasks that take 15 minutes. It’s been unbelievable! We have been saving so much time by just automatically pre-sorting our documents. I love that a simple project that I am able to create easily can affect 10 to 15 people and make their lives easier."

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