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The PBX based on WebRTC Technology.

Our PBX Trident is the core component of our WebRTC service offer. It combines all the benefits of an advanced dynamic call control and call routing engine with a full featured caller interaction solution around an easy-to-use converged self-management and reporting interface.

Dynamic call control

Trident gives you real-time caller information so you can respond in the most appropriate way in each case. You can also record the calls you want and access them at all times.

Call routing 

Each member of the team has its own direct telephone number and extension, which can be accessed from the web, as well as from a tablet or mobile phone. Configure how each department and its members receive calls. We can deliver the call to you on any device or send calls to your employees’ voicemails.

Want to make your business more reliable and treat severe failures on your in-house voice systems? Create dedicated disaster recovery voice services and activate them in a few seconds and face efficiently a call centre black-out. Create your company’s dial byname directory in a few clicks. Use our call hunting strategies to improve call completion rates.

To any fixed, mobile or IP destination, to a single or multiple destinations at a time achieving any call hunting strategy (call blast, follow me/find me).
• Percentage based routing.
• Fallback routing: divert on busy, no answer, failover, etc.
• Time-dependent routing.
• Routing defined according to the caller’s location.
• Routing based on the best customer service ratios.
• Ability to set the caller ID on outbound calls.


Our IVR gathers the necessary information from the caller and routes the call to the most appropriate destination. Our IVR service enables you to interact with callers and accepts inputs from them via DTMF tones or our multilingual ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition).

• Text2Speech

Teamwork from anywhere

With no need for plugins or additional software, Trident gives employees the freedom to connect to their business phone system, manage multiple calls, log in to a queue and transfer calls directly from any Internet browser or from a mobile phone, whether in the Office, at home, traveling overseas or walking down the street. Trident enables your team members to remain productive, fully functional and fully integrated no matter where they do their work. Trident includes an immediate messaging (IM) service between the members of the team, further facilitating teamwork even if they are not located in the same place.


When you are not available to receive a call, it can be directed to your voice mailbox. You can access your messages from your control panel or from your email, where they will be sent as an attached audio document. Set up voicemail for your team members and define the cases in which calls are sent to them.

Reporting and call history

Real time and historic call reports.
• Traffic summaries down to single call detail.
• Total control of each user.
• Billing reports.
• CDR generation.
• Call Tracking (tagging of calls upon user defined categories).


• Management interface.
• Create as many configurations as you need per service/number and active one at a time.
• Multi-tenant system/resellers support.

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IOS, Android, Windows Mobile

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Web App, Windows, Macintosh

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Yes - API Available

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Phone Support, Chat Support, Email Support

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