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Intelisale is AI based, B2B omni-channel sales solution enabling leading wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers to steer the entire sales process and improve individual productivity by 100% and overall productivity by 30%.
It guides sales representatives’ (on-the-go or behind a desk) in planning their field trips, suggesting right products to customers, organizing customer visits, making instant orders and tracking personal and organization’s goals via a cross-platform app. It also empowers managers to measure results and make decisions based on deep customer insights and real-time reporting in a web-based application. Intelisale harnesses big data from ERP systems and uses machine learning to power cross-organizational know-how under one solution with intelligent functionalities.

Intelisale solution is robust but flexible, created to be deeply customized in order to meet customers’ specific needs.
It is a solution designed with a help of sales professionals for sales professionals and it’s currently used by world market leaders in wholesale and distribution…..

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