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Value Creation Automation CRM is a complete platform designed to give businesses the power of automated customer relationship management. The unique solution was developed by Cordis Technology and is now available across the world in multiple countries including USA, UAE, India and more. Cordis Technology aimed to revolutionize traditional CRM tools and create an all-in-one platform that can be integrated with existing business structures for enhanced productivity and effective management. The designers of this technological framework have spent over a decade bringing to life an AI-plus-automation driven technology for CRM processes.

Any business in any form of industry is likely to rely on CRM processes for managing customer relationships and expanding their network. The key to success lies in how a business treats its customers and builds an image that portrays quality and reliability in the eyes of the customer. One displeased customer can result in the loss of over 10 prospective customers. This reflects how important it is for businesses to cater to customers before, during and even after sales. There are many tools available for CRM, but only a handful offer complete integration of technology and thorough automation of processes.

VCA is a leading automation platform that provides CRM basics as well as any advanced features to help drive sales and cater to customer relationships on an individual level. The CRM platform uses state of the art technology to create a sophisticated network of processes which are interlinked and streamlined.

Businesses of all sizes can opt for this CRM solution as it is not limited to a certain number of employees, customers or users. The program can be installed or acquired over the internet browser for remote access.

The program can enable businesses to manage entire CRM processes through their personalized screens with controllers. Contact management remains as one of the key features of the system. VCA can create detailed portfolios of customers without manual input. All information is gathered from interconnected platforms to enable users to gain insight on purchase preferences and sales orders. The system then distinguishes each customer profile with a separate reference or ID for future usage. Users in the company can access customer profiles, their complete history and transaction information through a single screen.

VCA CRM supports real-time reporting and dashboard view with advanced technology. Users can generate sales reports, financial reports, forecast reports and more with a simple click on the screen. Since all the information is already categorized and stored coherently by VCA, there is no need for manual sifting and composing.

Users can perform many other activities which include email tracking, auto-reminders, social media management and lead management. The platform supports a range of communication mediums such as email, phone and chat. All the communication taking place between customers and employees is stored on relevant or contextual pages in real-time. This enables users to stay in touch or connect with anyone anytime without any delay. This also enhances the sales and leads process which make sales more faster and timely.


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