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Starcom Information Technology Limited is a global Business Intelligence and Analytics solution provider in the data quality, self Service business intelligence and data analytics space. Our two main proprietary product engines, StarDQ and StarBI, with a proven track record of being one of the most efficient engines for real-time data quality solution, Reporting, monitoring and customer 360 analysis.

About our product: 

StarDQ– Data Quality Solution as SAAS / On-Premises technology for Cleansing, Standardizing and Instant De-duping for your Enterprise Data. A powerful enterprise solution for profiling, cleansing, augmenting and standardizing the data to significantly improve returns on corporate intelligence initiatives. StarDQ transforms and combines disparate data, removes inaccuracies, standardizes on common values, parses values and cleanses unclean data to create a strategic, trustworthy, valuable asset that enhances decision making power. StarBI: Business Intelligence StarBI empowers your business by turning data into actionable insights & enables organizations to improve decision-making.

StarBI a Self-service Visual Analytics tool with simple drag and drop supported by modern chart visualizations connects to the majority of Data sources. Set Threshold Alerts & easily identify the problem area; take preventive measures to increase Efficiency and Save Time. StarBI provides a powerful enterprise solution for business users to create powerful visualizations and reports that help them make informed decisions and add tremendous value to the organization.

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