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Build Your Own Game Launchers
Enter a world of faster productivity with the Game Launcher Creator. This feature-packed software allows you to build your very own game launchers for your games/apps for Windows and Mac.

Content in the Cloud
Gone are the days of boring, static images inside game launchers. With the Game Launcher Creator, you can use dynamic, server-side images, which means you can update your launcher images in real-time without having to update the launcher.

Built-in Updater
The Game Launcher Creator allows you to activate and configure a built-in auto updater for your games. No longer do you have to code this routine into your games themselves. Your players can check for updates, download and install updates for your games.

Serverside Queries
No modern day game launcher would be fun without having the ability to generate serverside queries on the fly and pull data into the game launcher, in real-time! Send GET and POST queries to php files which can liaise with databases online to retrieve data. Engage with your players like never before!

Music – Video – Effects
The Game Launcher creator allows you to bundle music files and videos alongside your game launcher. These files can remain local, so they’re installed with your game launcher.

A fully-fledged What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWIG) editor is packed into the Game Launcher Creator so you can just drop in buttons, text, images, videos and much more. You can drag to position, size them and even completely customize every object.

Integrated Template System
The Game Launcher Creator allows you to create your very own game launchers from scratch with no coding at all. If you are a graphics designer, you will enjoy importing your graphics into GLC with no coding. If you are not a graphic designer, GLC comes packed with several pre-loaded templates for you to customize. Everyone is a winner!

The Game Launcher Creator is an ever-expanding product and is to be constantly updated to contain new features, tweaks and optimisations to ensure your launchers run smoothly and are highly versatile in production. We have all ears open for feature requests, modification requests and any comments on improving the product.

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