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Take HTML or XML as input, apply a CSS stylesheet to it to lay out the elements on one or more pages then write the result to a PDF, just as a web browser would write the results to your screen.

  • Standards Compliant. Tested against the same testsuite used by Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • Streaming model. XML and HTML are streamed through BFO Publisher, rather than memory. Layout a 20,000 page document, a million rows in a table with no issues.
  • SVG2, MathML4, support for CSS cascade-5, color-5, fonts-4, flexbox-1.
  • Archival quality PDF output, fully compliant with PDF/A, PDF/UA and PDF/X.

Mobile Support


Desktop OS Support

Web App, Windows, Macintosh

Multi Language Support



Yes - Available

API Support

Yes - API Available

Technical Support

Email Support

Is it cloud based?

Yes-Cloud, On-premise

Open Source


Software Suites for?

Small Business, Medium Sized Business, Large Business

Do you offer a free version?
Try the BFO HTML Publisher to convert HTML to PDF for free through our website.
Do you offer a non-commercial license?
Yes. Under this License, the Software may be downloaded and used by the Licensee for Non-commercial Purposes on a computer that is accessible by any number of users. Documents generated by the Software will include notices that identify the Software. Licensee will not change or remove these notices or assist or encourage third parties to remove of change such notices. When the Non-commercial License is used to routinely generate documents, a prominent visible link to the Licensor’s Website shall be displayed on all webpages from where the documents can be fetched. If documents are attached to email, or email is sent with a direct link to a URL that will fetch documents, the email shall contain a prominent link to the Licensor’s Website in the message body.

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