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Visual Based Drag and Drop IDE for learning C language

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Dragme IDE is a visual-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and a child-friendly computer environment that can help computer learner and professionals to create various programs in C languages by using blocks, visual elements that can be easily dragged and dropped on the screen, and also modified according to their needs. It has Codeground that helps professional programmers to create various programs by entering source code in it.
Developed by Indian Programmer Harsh Mishra at the GrapeBits, the IDE is designed to help children (ages 8 and up) learn to utilize their imaginations and programming skill, practice common sense, and, most importantly, to interact with computers and learn computer programming.

It is influenced by Scratch and Snap!.

It starts in a splash-screen-like manner that lets user start the IDE, then open it in browser or exit the app altogether. It is worth noting that you need to have Java Runtime Environment installed on the computer in order for this IDE to run properly.
The Playground main screen is divided into five categories: “Blocks,” “Code,” “Load”, “Help” and “Code-ground”. The “Blocks” section lets us access a collection of blocks that we can develop applications with. The category names are Control, Input/output, Logic, Loops, Math, Variables and Text, and are rather intuitive for experienced programmers.The Codeground main screen contains three categories: “Playground”, “Clear” and “Run”.


Student can access the “Code” section of the application and observe how the blocks he add to his project influence the end product. More so, it is possible to choose from a bunch of sample applications by opening the “Load” menu and choosing his favorite one from the list.

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