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LibreCAD is a free software

If you do not care about software that only allows 2D modelling, LibreCAD is a good option. You can improve your 2D modelling skills using the program’s ease of use. The user-friendly interface and cross-platform compatibility of this CAD software, which works with Windows, Linux, and Apple, make it a wonderful option for beginners.

It won’t be a problem because LibreCAD supports about 30 different languages. The application provides many helpful tools, such as circles, lines, and other simple tools, to assist you in designing your 2D projects. You can save the project in a number of different file types, including PDF, PNG, JPG, and SVG, despite the software’s limited modelling functionality. The capacity to construct layers is also included. 

Do you know what is better about it? Due to its small size, LibreCAD works best on any computer. It won’t take a lot of space on your computer and slow it down. Currently, the software is supported by a great community that contributes to enhancing its performance through add-ons and supplementary features.

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