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Secure & Non-Invasive Approach to Online Proctoring

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Customizable plans has a secure & non-invasive approach towards online proctoring. It’s AI-based automated proctoring facilitates academic administrators to create & conduct cheat-proof exams while respecting the privacy of their test takers.

Any institution can now conduct remote proctored exams hassle-free. uLearn can be easily integrated with any learning management system within a customized package which is cost-effective

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Software Key Features:

1. Secure & Cheat-proof Tests

Through secure browser, screen, and video monitoring of student, cheating is prevented.

2. AI based Automated Warnings

Automated monitoring and flagging of suspicious activity by student through artificial intelligence.

3. Ensuring Students Privacy

Maintains student privacy at all times with no intrusion into students' personal environment.

4. No System Meddling

Our web-based platform does not take control or allow proctors to take control of students’ systems.

5.  Easy LMS Integration

Hassle-free integration with any Learning Management System (LMS) for a seamless user-experience.

6. Data Security

End-to-end encryption of student data, teacher data and test data

7. Enhanced Hybrid Learning

Accommodates both online as well as classroom students & provides a fair test-taking experience for all.

8. Cost-effective Solution

Brings down the overall cost of conducting exams in test centres.

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Windows, Macintosh

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Phone Support, Email Support, Video Tutorials

Is it cloud based?

Yes-Cloud, On-premise

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Small Business, Medium Sized Business, Large Business

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